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07 Apr 2013 description

In Darfur, about 150,000 people were displaced or severely affected by inter-tribal fighting as well as conflict between armed movements and the government between January and March 2013. In South Kordofan and Blue Nile, according to figures from the Government’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) for government-controlled areas and from the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA) for SPLM-N areas, over a million people remain displaced or severely affected by fighting.

04 Apr 2013 description


  • FAO Sudan has warned of an imminent food security emergency if the desert locust threat in two northern states is not controlled

  • WFP participates in a joint food needs assessment in government-controlled areas in all six localities of Blue Nile State for the first time since the conflict began in 2011

  • Over 1,000 people, including some 400 IDPs, attend an IDP conference in Nyala, in the lead up to the Darfur Donors Conference due to take place in Doha on 7-8 April

30 Mar 2013 description


  • Approximately 4.8 million people in Sudan in need
  • Clashes across Darfur have displaced thousands since January
  • U.S. Government (USG) provides additional $17 million to support vulnerable populations in need across Sudan
18 Mar 2013 description
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There are over 150,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Sudan, many of whom have urgent humanitarian needs.


• Insufficient access to asylum procedures and documentation for refugees and the risk of deportation.

14 Mar 2013 description


•Sudan and South Sudan sign an agreement to pull forces 10km away from the border, paving the way for the implementation of previously signed agreements.

•The situation in the Jebel Amir gold mining area in North Darfur is reported to be stabilizing and access is improving.

•According to a new report, almost 4.3 million Sudanese people are experiencing Crisis and Emergency levels of food insecurity.

01 Mar 2013 description


  • Concerns for safety of civilians as renewed inter-tribal fighting in El Sireaf locality, North Darfur, leaves over 50 people dead.

  • About 8,000 people are reported to have fled their homes as a result of fighting in the southern part of Blue Nile State.

  • The number of people in need of food assistance in Sudan is estimated at 3.5 million, which is 1 million less than in 2012, according to FAO.

18 Feb 2013 description


  • Good harvest from 2012 main season cereal crops
  • Prices of cereals decline across the country, but remain higher than last year
  • About 3.5 million people estimated to be food insecure, mainly in conflict-affected areas

Good production estimates for 2012 cereal crops

17 Feb 2013 description


-ƒ In South Kordofan and Blue Nile, more than one million people remain severely affected by the armed conflict that began in June 2011. In addition, over 200,000 Sudanese refugees have fled to South Sudan and Ethiopia.

-ƒ In Darfur, fighting between the SAF and armed movements as well as inter-tribal fighting have led to new civilian displacement in parts of Darfur. Humanitarian agencies estimate that around 90,000 Darfuris fled their homes during the course of 2012.

14 Feb 2013 description

Only a comprehensive solution can end Sudan’s vicious civil wars that are exacting a horrendous toll on the country and its peoples.

14 Feb 2013 description


  • About 9,000 people displaced from Jebel Marra in Central Darfur have arrived in Nertiti over the past week, according to HAC.

  • UNHCR reports that 110,000 people people (92,000 internally displaced people and 18,000 refugees) returned to their areas of origin in Darfur in 2012.

  • Misseriya conflict in El Fula, South Kordofan State, has displaced some 11,000 people to Al Sunut, Lagawa, and Keilak localities.

07 Feb 2013 description


• Insecurity and lack of access to basic services in parts of Jebel Amir area in North Darfur are leading to further displacement.

• The President of Sudan instructs Government ministries not to obstruct the movement of foreigners, excluding travel to places of conflict.

• The number of food insecure people in Sudan drops by 1 million from the same time last year due to bumper harvest, according to FEWS NET

01 Jan 2013 description
report Sudan Tribune

December 31, 2012 (KHARTOUM) - More than a million Sudanese currently live in constant fear of bombing and artillery attacks in the country’s rebel-held territories, an aid organisation linked to one of Sudan’s main rebel groups said in a report published on 30 December.

The report, compiled by the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA), paints a horrifying picture of the fate of more than one million Sudanese reportedly living in the Sudanese states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

31 Dec 2012 description


  1. In Darfur, approximately 3.5 million people currently receive food aid, including some 1.4 million in camps.

  2. Some 56,000 people remain displaced mostly in Agok and South Sudan. Of 105,000 who ed in may 2011, some 35,000 returned quickly to areas south of the Bahr Al Arab/Kiir river, and 14,000 others returned to areas north of the river.

27 Dec 2012 description


• Fighting in Shangil Tobaya and Tawila localities in North Darfur displaces 1,200 people, according to UNAMID.

• Some 4,500 people have returned to their homes in South Kordofan, according to media reports.

• Malaria on the decline in Sudan, according to the WHO

24 Dec 2012 description


  • More people flee fighting in South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

  • Human Rights Watch report says indiscriminate aerial bombardment in SPLM-N areas has killed and injured scores of civilians.

  • More than 3,500 people flee their homes in parts of Darfur due to insecurity and intertribal violence.

20 Dec 2012 description

Humanitarian situation and needs

Key messages

  • The humanitarian community is often denied access to vulnerable populations leading to minimal assessments and interventions;

  • Violence and insecurity in Darfur continue to cause displacement and inhibit returns;

  • Fighting in the transitional areas has affected over 900.000 people, including the 210.000 who have taken refuge in Ethiopia and South Sudan.

13 Dec 2012 description


  • Nearly 8,500 people, including 3,500 children, flee their homes in Blue Nile and South Kordofan.

  • About 8,500 displaced people have returned to South Kordofan, according to HAC.

  • Some 2.2 million people have been vaccinated in Darfur as part of the initial phase of the yellow fever vaccination campaign.

12 Dec 2012 description
report Human Rights Watch

Sudan: Civilians Describe Toll of Attacks

AU, UN Should Seek Human Rights Investigation

(Nairobi, December 12, 2012) – The Sudanese government’s indiscriminate aerial bombardment and shelling in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states has killed and injured scores of civilians since the conflict began more than a year ago, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Government forces have raided villages, burned and looted civilian property, arbitrarily detained people, and assaulted and raped women and girls.

07 Dec 2012 description

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