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28 Aug 2017 description

(Dr Fatoumata Nafo-Traore is head of the IFRC’s Africa region. This opinion piece was first published this month by Project Syndicate. Scientific studies of droughts in Somalia, most recently, Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil conducted are available at the Climate Central website)

12 Jul 2017 description
report Hong Kong Red Cross

Situation Update
Further to the last situation update , Somalia continues to be one of the worst-affected countries, as forecast by the Famine Early Warning Systems (FEWS) Network and the International Red Cross, famine is likely to be declared in late 2017 in the state of Puntland, Somaliland and South West, Somalia.

13 Feb 2017 description

Prolonged and worsening drought conditions across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya means that more than 11 million people are facing severe hunger and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is calling for an immediate and expansive response in order to prevent widespread drought conditions from triggering a humanitarian catastrophe.

20 Apr 2015 description

This bulletin is being issued for information only, and reflects the current situation and details available at this time. The Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) has immediately responded and will request in the coming days for assistance through International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) international disaster response mechanisms.

The situation

22 Jan 2014 description

1. Executive Summary

Situated in a region prone to man-made, natural, slow-onset or rapid complex emergencies, the IFRC EAIOIRO supports Red Cross and Red Crescent (RC / RC) National Societies in humanitarian response and enhancing communities’ capacity to be more resilient to hazards and risks.

17 Jan 2014 description

There is an increasing awareness that enormous change is on-going in the arid lands. the next ten years will be a period of transition and new opportunities, as families who struggle to make ends meet, continue to try to educate and feed their children and search for jobs in the rural towns. Future aspirations are being shaped by the on-going changes. in the aftermath of the drought and famine of 2011, capturing and understanding these changes was a starting point in efforts to work differently and better.

24 Oct 2013 description

Nairobi, Kenya, 24 October 2013: As polio continues to spread throughout the Horn of Africa, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has announced plans to support polio immunization of millions of children in the region.

14 May 2013 description
report Hong Kong Red Cross

Situation Update

25 Jul 2012 description
report Canadian Red Cross

(Ottawa, July 25, 2012) One year after a devastating drought was declared in the Horn of Africa, the Canadian Red Cross continues to help communities across the region recover and rebuild. Red Cross efforts have shifted from immediate relief, like life-saving feeding and health care centres, to include long-term recovery programs that ensure communities are healthier and more resilient to future crises.

10 Jul 2012 description

Nairobi, 6 th July. Last week, representatives from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC), Red Cross/ Red Crescent Societies from the Horn of Africa and all over the world, met in Nairobi with the Secretary General from IGAD, the regional director of the African Development Bank and representatives from the donor community to agree on a way forward to build more resilient communities.

19 Jan 2012 description
report British Red Cross

Oxfam and Save the Children yesterday published a report – titled A Dangerous Delay – on the food crisis in east Africa. It says that thousands of needless deaths occurred and millions of extra pounds were spent because the international community failed to take decisive action on early warnings of a hunger crisis in east Africa.

The importance of preparing for disasters

The humanitarian aid that was provided saved many lives, but we agree that taking action earlier would have saved even more.

17 Jan 2012 description
report British Red Cross

By Ellie Matthews

In East Africa, continued difficulties accessing food – coupled with recent flooding and conflict in the region – have made life hard for many people. While working with communities in East Africa to improve their long-term resilience to food insecurity, the Red Cross is also providing immediate relief to thousands of vulnerable people in refugee camps.

Difficult conditions

16 Dec 2011 description
report American Red Cross

Friday, December 16, 2011 — Since 2009, massive, widespread drought has plagued the Horn of Africa region, bringing intense suffering to areas of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Djibouti and affecting more than 13 million people. Although seasonal rains have returned to the region, flooding and security issues hamper humanitarian operations in the region.

28 Nov 2011 description

1. Background

As the result of the drought occurred after the floods in previous two years and the famine, Somali has been slided into a severe crisis.

16 Nov 2011 description


The revised strategic framework outlines the role of IFRC offices in supporting East African Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to respond to the crises in the Horn of Africa.

The IFRC will support National Societies to:

  • Respond to extreme food, nutrition, water, sanitation, and health insecurity of people at risk in the short term, and wherever possible address root causes in delivery of our services

  • Promote early recovery strategies in the medium term

  • Promote livelihood resilience in the long term

04 Oct 2011 description
report British Red Cross

Every night 925 million people go to bed hungry. And sometimes it gets so bad the media throws a spotlight on the crisis, such as the current situation in east Africa.

Seeing as aid agencies have been sounding the alarm about east Africa since last November, it begs the question: why wasn’t more done to avert the current crisis?

At Dispatches from Disaster Zones, an event hosted by the Red Cross at the Commonwealth Club on 30 September, this was the hot topic of debate between aid agencies and journalists.

26 Aug 2011 description
report Cruz Roja Española

El Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja es la única organización que realiza distribuciones en la zona controlada por Al Shaabab Cruz Roja Española ultima una distribución de alimentos para 5.900 familias durante un mes en las regiones más afectadas de Somalia –centro y sur-. El reparto de alimentos lo realizará en colaboración con el Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja (CICR) y la Media Luna Roja Somalí.

22 Aug 2011 description


North Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions in the south of Somali are declared as drought zone by the United Nations on 20 July 2011. According to the latest information, the regions in the north of the country would be also declared as drought zones in the following months, and if it is not intervened, declaration of famine for the northern regions is also most likely.

Half of the population of the country (3.7 million) is affected by the crisis and 2.8 million of the population has been living in the southern regions.