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15 Mar 2017 description

The Danish Refugee Council is present in some of the worst hit areas and helps people, who are affected by the escalating ‘four famines’ in Africa and Yemen.

More than 20 million people are facing famine in the crisis currently escalating several places in African and Yemen. This has caused the UN to issue its largest appeal in the organizations history. The Danish Refugee Council is present in many of the worst affected areas and is working extensively to help.

30 Jun 2016 description

By reviewing existing initiatives, frameworks and commitments in the search of durable solutions in the region, this study conducted by Samuel Hall looks at good practices, challenges and opportunities. The objective is to have a better understanding of the current landscape in order to improve coordination and to inform a learning and capacity development agenda across stakeholders.

Good practices, challenges and opportunities in the search of durable solutions


25 Jul 2013 description

Shelter, protection, access to water and food – needs are basic for the thousands of Somalis seeking refuge in Dollow, a remote area of Somalia. Unmet, these needs have immediate and immense impact on health and survival in the makeshift camps, and can eventually cost lives. Danish Refugee Council is on the ground providing essential emergency assistance in Dollow.

08 Jul 2013 description

DRC / NRC: Durable Solutions – Somali refugee perspectives

More than a quarter of the Somali population have fled their country since civil war broke out in 1991. Millions remain in displacement in the region. What are their perspectives on the future? Do they believe in eventual return to Somalia? These are among the themes explored in the report ‘Durable Solutions’.

20 Jul 2012 description

One year after famine was first declared in Somalia, millions of people continue to struggle with consequences of the historic 2011 drought in the Horn of Africa. Limited access to aid in many areas and inadequate rainfall hamper rehabilitation and food security. However, in the midst of continued displacement and distress there are little signs of improvement – some even conveyed as poetry.

19 Jul 2011 description

The cost of saving a life in Somalia is small but the volume of people in need of help is large and growing. Danish Refugee Council has received funding from the EU Humanitarian Fund to provide relief - for even more people.

25 Feb 2011 description

Drought in South Central Somalia has created a significantly worsened humanitarian situation during the past six months. Furthermore, renewed fighting and growing instability is adding to the urgency of securing relief aid to the victims of the humanitarian crisis.

Fighting between TFG forces (Transitional Federal Government) and al-Shabaab is expected to escalate and continue over the coming months.

16 Dec 2009 description

Climate changes in the Horn of Africa have increased the number of refugees in need of humanitarian aid from the International Society as the prolonged drought has dismantled the traditional survival mechanisms in the area.

The conflict in Somalia centred round the capital Mogadishu is growing worse day by day, and at the same time both Somalia and Ethiopia have experienced a prolonged drought.