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30 Aug 2012 description

In 2011, the Horn of Africa faced the worst drought in 60 years, leading to emergency food insecurity levels in Kenya and Ethiopia and famine in Somalia. At the height of the drought, more than 13 million people across the region required humanitarian assistance, and more than 700,000 refugees fled Somalia.

At the same time, many communities showed resilience in the face of these harsh conditions, demonstrating effective coping strategies that reduced the economic impact of the drought and enabled them to maintain a sufficient degree of food security, health, and well-being.

22 Jul 2011 description

As the worst drought in 60 years continues to devastate the Horn of Africa, millions of people in parts of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Djibouti are at risk. In a region where a large percentage of the population already lives in chronic poverty, this prolonged and unrelenting natural disaster has plunged areas with already alarming levels of hunger and malnutrition into a state of emergency. According to the United Nations, 11 million people throughout the region are in need of life-saving assistance, and child malnutrition rates in some areas are hovering around 30 percent.