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16 Nov 2018 description


The International Organization for Migration (IOM)continues to be actively involved in anumber of Migrants' Assistance projects and Human Mobility data collection activities in the Horn of Africa (HoA) and in the Arab Peninsula. This report aims atproviding an overview ofthe trends observed in thefirst halfof 2018 in theregion, across Ethiopia,Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen.

16 May 2017 description

Key mission findings

The majority of drought-related displacement has occurred within regions, with people migrating from rural to urban areas while there are “climate refugees” who came from Somali region of Ethiopia. The pull factor of IDPs to Gaalkacyo is the presence of humanitarian organizations proving assistance.

Local authorities (north Gaalkayco) noted that drought and conflict are the major causes of displacements with more than 40,000 people having been displaced by the drought since January

31 Oct 2012 description

I. Introduction

  1. The Program of Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods of Horn of Africa (DRSL-HoA) global objective is to contribute to poverty reduction, food security and economic development growth through income generation activities in rural areas. For medium and long term, the program will focus on improvement of livelihood conditions and development of pastoral systems.

  2. The present summary is composed by the following chapters :

  • Justification of the program

09 Aug 2011 description

Drought, famine, and continued instability in Somalia are forcing thousands to flee to the remote area of Dolo Ado in southern Ethiopia, where four camps - Boqolmayo, Melkadida, Kobe, and Hilawen - are now housing more than 117,000 people. Within Somalia, various forms of gender-based violence (GBV) are widespread. Newly arrived refugees report inadequate food and water as their primary reason for leaving Somalia, while some cite violence as a contributing factor.

01 Aug 2011 description

Horn of Africa Initiative (HOAI)

28 Jul 2011 description

This rapid assessment of the Ethiopian border town of Dolo was done at the request of UNHCR in support of emergency humanitarian planning in the area following the recent influx of Somali refugees. Satellite imagery acquired on 17 July 2011 over the town was assessed for a number of thematic issues covering the possible presence of refugee/IDP settlements in the area, transportation, hydrology, rainfall and cultivation. This is a preliminary assessment and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send feedback to UNITAR/UNOSAT at the contact information below.

01 Oct 2009 description
report African Union



17 May 2001 description

This month, the 'Nutrition Update' focuses on an analysis of some interesting nutrition surveys in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. On a positive note, the situation in Somalia appears to be somewhat better than in neighbouring countries. However, total acute malnutrition rates of 15% can never be considered 'acceptable' or 'normal', therefore we need to use this period of relative food security to focus on longer-term interventions aimed at addressing some of the underlying causes of malnutrition.

28 Oct 1999 description

Food Security in Ethiopia Remains Precarious