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31 Dec 2007 description
report UN Security Council

I am writing with reference to the letter from the President of the Security Council addressed to the Secretary-General dated 31 May 2006 (S/2006/354), in which the Security Council informed your predecessor about the establishment of an ad hoc committee on mandate review to conduct the review of Security Council mandates called for by the Heads of State and Government in the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document (A/60/1) and to continue consideration of the recommendations contained in the report of the Secretary-General entitled "Mandating and delivering: analysis and recommendations …

18 Nov 2007 description

Each week, the World Health Organization Health Action in Crises in Geneva produces information highlights on critical health-related activities in countries where there are humanitarian crises. Drawing on the various WHO programmes, contributions cover activities from field and country offices and the support provided by WHO regional offices and headquarters. The mandate of the WHO departments specifically concerned with Emergency and Humanitarian Action in Crises is to increase the effectiveness of the WHO contribution to crisis preparedness and response, transition and recovery.

25 Oct 2007 description

President's Malaria Initiative expands to eight more countries

By Jeffrey Thomas

18 Oct 2007 description
report UN Children's Fund


- Violent attacks in Mogadishu, Somalia, have caused over 402,000 people to flee their homes since March. Tensions are high in the Great Lakes region with new refugee movements taking place into neighbouring countries. In Western Kenya, 67,000 people remain internally displaced following the Mt.

31 Aug 2007 description
report UN General Assembly

Sixty-second session
Item 44 of the provisional agenda*

30 Jun 2007 description


Food import bills reach a record high partly on soaring demand for biofuels Based on FAO's latest analysis, global expenditures on imported foodstuffs look set to surpass US$400 billion in 2007, almost 5 percent above the record the previous year. The bulk of the increase can be levelled against rising prices of imported coarse grains and vegetable oils, the commodity groups which feature most heavily in biofuel production. Import bills for these commodities are forecast to rise by as much as 13 percent from 2006.

18 May 2007 description

Pledges & contributions

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is pleased to acknowledge the receipt of nine new contributions totalling $138,956,623.78 as of 2 May. The contributions were made by Antigua and Barbuda ($5,000), Azerbaijan ($20,000), France ($1,263,800), Liechtenstein ($123,243.78), Netherlands ($53,300,000), Portugal ($268,540), South Africa ($240,000), Sri Lanka ($10,000) and the United Kingdom ($83,726,040). Furthermore, Pakistan pledged 20,000 for 2007.

25 Apr 2007 description

This report covers the period of 01/01/06 to 31/12/06 of a two-year planning and appeal process.

In a world of global challenges, continued poverty, inequity, and increasing vulnerability to disasters and disease, the International Federation with its global network, works to accomplish its Global Agenda, partnering with local community and civil society to prevent and alleviate human suffering from disasters, diseases and public health emergencies.

In brief

Programme Summary:

The global malaria programme continued to grow rapidly with an increasing number of integrated …

04 Apr 2007 description

Remnants of Cyclone Jaya will bring locally heavy rainfall to areas of Madagascar and northern coastal Mozambique during the next week.

Though portions of The Horn are experiencing slow to start seasonal rainfall, areas of the Ethiopian Highlands have seen moderate to heavy precipitation.

While poor seasonal rains have negatively affected crops in parts of the Maize Triangle, southern Zimbabwe, and southern Mozambique, recent rains will improve conditions in the Limpopo Basin.

The Water Requirements Satisfaction Index, shown below, indicates broad regions of poor water …

30 Mar 2007 description
report UN Children's Fund


- Large populations have been affected by floods in Zambia and Mozambique, while up to 100,000 people still struggle to cope in the aftermath of cyclone Favio. UNICEF is responding to the needs of displaced children and women in the sectors water, health and education.

18 Mar 2007 description

Each week, the World Health Organization Health Action in Crises in Geneva produces information highlights on the health aspects of selected humanitarian crises. Drawing on the various WHO programmes, contributions cover activities from field and country offices and the support provided by WHO regional offices and Headquarters.

21 Feb 2007 description

Weekly Introduction: Tropical Cyclone Favio bears down on southern Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Tropical cyclone Favio (TC 14) is moving across the Mozambique Channel and is expected to strike the coast early on the 22nd. Strong, damaging winds are expected in the immediate vicinity of where Favio makes landfall. Torrential rains are expected to fall from Feb 22 through Feb 25 across southern Mozambique and southeastern Zimbabwe. At this time it appears that the bulk of the rainfall will occur over the Limpopo Basin, where conditions have been dry since early January.

16 Feb 2007 description

First round of 2007 grants for underfunded emergencies

On 7 February, the Acting United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) announced the countries selected to receive CERF grants in the first round of allocations for underfunded emergencies in 2007.

07 Feb 2007 description

(New York: 7 February 2007): The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) today announced that just under $85 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) will be used to fund life-saving programmes in 15 countries, in the first of two annual rounds of allocations for underfunded emergencies.

"While each of these allocations represents but a fraction of the overall requirements in the individual emergencies, as a whole they help us pursue principled humanitarian action in which those who require aid the most are identified based strictly …

04 Feb 2007 description


Assessments and events:

The Government reports 73 people killed and 21 missing following several weeks of torrential rains. Four provinces are affected and up to 11 are at risk should the rain continue until March as forecasted. Up to 20 000 people are homeless already.

The health situation in the flood-affected areas is deteriorating, particularly in Luanda. Seven of the nine municipalities of the capital are affected and many health centres are reported inoperative.

A rise in cholera cases is reported, with a daily average of 45 cases in Luanda.