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04 Dec 2009 description


The Desert Locust situation continued developing in western Mauritania in early to mid-November. The national locust control center (CNLA) treated close to 9,560 during this month (close to 13,770 ha since 11 September, 2009). CNLA staff and three survey specialists - two from Morocco and one from Libya continued operations in Mauritania in November.

06 May 2009 description

Meeting of the Committee of Experts of the 2nd Joint Annual Meetings of the AU Conference of Ministers of Economy and Finance and ECA Conference of Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

Cairo, Egypt

01 Jan 2009 description


The European Union's humanitarian aid policy reflects its founding principles - solidarity, tolerance and respect for human dignity. Humanitarian aid, while not a crisis management tool, is one of the pillars of Community action for countries affected by natural or man made disasters as well as by complex emergencies(1). Through its activities in disaster areas and through its active contribution to promoting respect for and adherence to International Humanitarian Law, the European Commission has asserted itself as a major player in international humanitarian aid.

01 Jan 2009 description


La politique humanitaire de l'Union européenne est une expression de ses principes fondateurs - la solidarité, la tolérance et le respect de la dignité humaine. L'aide humanitaire, sans être un instrument de crise, est un des piliers de l'action communautaire en faveur des pays affectés par des catastrophes naturelles ou les catastrophes causées par l'homme, ainsi que par les urgences complexes liées aux conflits(1).

18 Sep 2008 description

Instead of the usual depiction of conflicts as countrywide and defined by national boundaries, this map displays distinct conflict-affected areas in Africa as sub-national and transnational pockets of insecurity, violence, and armed aggression.  Areas of conflict were drawn around locations of reported conflict incidents in 2007 and 2008, as well as concentrations of internally displaced persons and cross-border rebel bases and refugee camps in neighboring countries.

28 Dec 2005 description

Weekly Introduction
Update of Seasonal Outlooks at Four-Months Lead: April – June 2006

Northern Horn of Africa

Climatology is expected across most of the region, except locally over northwestern and southwestern Sudan, where there is a slight tilt in the odds favoring below normal rainfall. There is a slight tilt in the odds favoring above normal rainfall locally over eastern Ethiopia, northern Somalia, and portions of Djibouti. Climatology is expected elsewhere.

Gulf of Guinea

14 Dec 2005 description

Weekly Introduction:
Update of El Niño:

Synopsis: ENSO-neutral or weak La Niña conditions are likely during the next 6-9 months.

23 Nov 2005 description

Weekly Introduction:

Update of Seasonal Outlooks at One Month Lead:

December 2005 – February 2006 Forecasts for Southern Africa:

09 Nov 2005 description

Weekly Introduction:

Final Update of the African Intertropical Convergence Zone:

02 Nov 2005 description

Weekly Introduction
Tropical Cyclone Climatology:

As we enter the tropical cyclone season for the South Indian Ocean, it is appropriate that we present the historical climatology for the number of cyclones in the area. The average number of cyclones per month is presented in the accompanying figure and we see that November represents the general start of the season with the peak in January-February. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the minimum number of tropical cyclones over the historical period of 1981- 2003 is 21 and the maximum number is 38.

18 Jul 2003 description

Data Source: Food and Agriculture Organisation

23 Jan 2003 description

1)   Recent rains in northern Tunisia and extreme areas in northern Algeria has resulted in saturated conditions and some local flooding.  Expect more rain throughout the period which could induce local flooding in some prone areas.