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03 Sep 2010 description


The Desert Locust (SGR1): SGR situation remained calm in August in summer breeding areas. Only smallscale breeding was reported in the summer breeding areas in Mauritania and Pakistan. A similar situation may be present in parts of Mali, Niger, southern Algeria and eastern Chad, but could not be confirmed.

02 Apr 2010 description


The Desert Locust (DL1) situation remained fairly calm in winter and spring breeding areas in March largely due to dry and unfavorable conditions and locust units' vigilance. Only some hopper groups and bands required control in Saudi Arabia. Scattered solitary adults were reported in northern Mauritania, northeastern Morocco and adjacent areas in Algeria as well as the Red Sea coast in Sudan. A similar situation may exist in northern Niger and Mali but could not be confirmed due to ongoing security situation.

05 Mar 2010 description


The desert locust (DL1) situation remained calm in February in winter breeding areas due to unfavorable ecological conditions. Only a few scattered solitary adults and/or hoppers were reported in northern Mauritania, southwest Libya and along the Red Sea coasts in Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

08 Sep 2009 description


The DL situation remained relatively calm in August. Only scattered adults and small-scale breeding were reported in Mauritania. A similar situation may also be in Mali, Niger, eastern Chad and southern Algeria. Scattered adults were reported in the summer breeding areas in Sudan and Eritrea. A few solitary adults were detected along the Indo-Pakistan borders. Swarms that were sighted in northeastern Ethiopia in mid-August disappeared into the Afar lowlands and ground control treated 154 ha in August.

14 Aug 2003 description