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13 Jul 2012 description
report British Red Cross

By Ellie Matthews

One year on, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has supported millions of people across the horn of Africa.

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04 Jul 2012 description
report British Red Cross

The Kenya Red Cross has helped cut the number of people suffering from severe malnutrition in part of the world’s largest refugee camp by 75 per cent over the last nine months.

It began providing essential healthcare and nutrition services at the Ifo II section of Dadaab refugee camp complex in October last year. Nearly two out of every ten children under five there then were severely malnourished; now, it’s fewer than one in 20.

21 Dec 2011 description
report British Red Cross

By Sarah Oughton

A report on the east Africa food crisis, recently published by the Red Cross, looks at the roots of the issue and proposes ways to avert future drought crises.

It says: “The answer lies not in emergency aid but in support for food security.”

05 Jul 2011 description
report British Red Cross

With more than ten million people in the Horn of Africa facing severe drought, the British Red Cross has launched the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal.

Very poor rainfall in the Horn of Africa (including Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Uganda) has led to the driest period in 60 years for some areas, leading to crop failures and deaths of livestock.

High and increasing staple food prices (30-80 per cent higher than the five-year average in parts of Kenya) and regional conflict are combining with the weather to make a bad situation even worse.

Lack of food

20 Sep 2007 description
report British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is sending relief experts to countries across East and West Africa as it launches its Africa Flood appeal to raise funds to help some of the most vulnerable people caught up in the severe flooding in the region.

More than one million people are affected across countries including Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso. The unusually heavy rains have displaced cattle and destroyed crops leaving whole communities vulnerable and extremely short of food.

17 May 2006 description
report British Red Cross

Rains in east Africa have alleviated the severe drought, which threatened the lives of millions of people in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya where the British Red Cross has been delivering emergency aid.

A combination of good harvests, thanks to the rain, and the effects of well-targeted relief distributions have meant the emergency operation is reaching an end. As a result, the British Red Cross is closing its Africa Food Crisis Appeal and is winding down its emergency food interventions across the region.