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18 Dec 2013 description


· Sporadic fighting kills over 100 people and displaces more than 100,000 others in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan

· South Sudan imposes a curfew following a failed coup attempt

· Humanitarian actors report a funding shortfall of US$11.9 million for more than 140,000 Ethiopia migrants being received from Saudi Arabia

· The more than 55,000 illegal immigrants expelled from Tanzania are still in need of humanitarian assistance

17 Dec 2013 description
  1. Executive Summary

Asylum seekers and refugees in Kayole, Eastleigh and Kitengela have made great strides integrating into the social and economic life of Nairobi. The livelihoods baseline illustrates that the socio-economic profile of the urban asylum seeker or refugee is not that of desperation and dependence. Rather it is one of incredible resilience in the face of significant odds. The majority are engaged in economic activities in the informal sector, and have made modest gains with limited support from the Government of Kenya or the humanitarian community.

11 Dec 2013 description
report ACT Alliance

The Kakuma refugee camp currently houses over 110,000 men, women and children who have fled wars in neighboring countries. ACT organisations work on many elements of the care people need, including psychosocial care. This short video uses examples to show how psychosocial care works and why it is so important.

11 Dec 2013 description
report IRIN

MOYALE, 11 December 2013 (IRIN) - A fresh outbreak of violence between communities in northern Kenya’s Moyale area – in Marsabit County - has displaced tens of thousands and led the government to take the almost unprecedented step of deploying its troops domestically in an effort to quell the unrest.

The violence, which has broken out intermittently since late 2011, has paralysed business and transport activities.

09 Dec 2013 description
report Sudan Tribune

December 8, 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) – Thousands of Kenyans have fled into Ethiopia after deadly tribal clashes in the country’s north, near the border with Ethiopia.

The fighting broke out this week near the town of Moyale between the Borana community on one side and a joint force of Burji and Gabra tribes on the other.

Some 30 people have reportedly been killed in the fighting and many injured forcing thousands to flee across into Ethiopia.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Ethiopian government officials were unavailable for comment on Sunday.

07 Dec 2013 description
  • Militia battles blamed on local political squabbles

  • Kenya has sent troops to stop week-long fighting

  • Thousands have fled into Ethiopia

By Noor Ali

ISIOLO, Kenya Dec 7 (Reuters) - More than 10 people were killed on Saturday in fighting in the town of Moyale in northern Kenya where troops have been sent to stop a week of fighting between rival ethnic groups that has sent thousands fleeing into Ethiopia, residents said.

25 Nov 2013 description
report EastAfrican

By JEFF OTIENO, The EastAfrican

- The frequency of droughts, floods and unpredictable rainfall have increased, impacting negatively on the region’s food security status.

John Obuom, a 43-year-old farmer from Nyando Basin in western Kenya, knows very well how devastating the effects of climate change can be not only for an individual but also for a whole community.

For many years, the vagaries of weather hit his family in the most vital place of all — the dinner table.

22 Nov 2013 description


  • Kenya has completed 4 months with no new case of polio reported in the current outbreak. Total number of confirmed cases of WPV type-1 to date remains at 14. Date of onset of paralysis of the last polio case is 14 July 2013.

  • Somalia a total case count of 183. Date of onset of the last case is 9 October 2013.

  • Ethiopia reported no new case during the past week. The country’s total case count remains at 6, with the date of onset of last case of 19 September.

21 Nov 2013 description


  • Regional food security in eastern Africa shows marked improvement

  • Nutrition in Turkana Central worsens from Serious to Critical

  • No polio in South Sudan, as political impasse hinders vaccination in Sudan More than 100 people dead and over one million others affected by floods since August

  • More than 10 million people displaced in the region as of September 2013

  • Agreement signed for return of Somali refugees in Kenya, as similar plans are made for return of Burundians in Uganda

15 Nov 2013 description


  • Kenya has completed 4 months with no new case of polio reported in the current outbreak. Total number of confirmed cases of WPV type-1 to date remains at 14. Date of onset of paralysis of the last polio case is 14 July 2013.

  • Somalia reported 3 new cases during the past week raising the country’s total case count to 183.
    Date of onset of the last case is 9 October 2013.

08 Nov 2013 description


  • Total number of confirmed cases of WPV type-1 in the current outbreak is 14. Date of onset of paralysis of the last polio case is 14 July 2013.

  • Somalia: reported no new case during the past week; the case count remains at 180 (date of onset of last polio case is 30 October).

  • Ethiopia: reported no new case during the past week; the case count remains at 6 (date of onset of last case is 19 September).

  • South Sudan: the 3 suspected WPV cases were discarded as a result of laboratory contamination

29 Oct 2013 description

Kenya - The Regional Committee on Mixed Migration for the Horn of Africa and Yemen is holding its third meeting in Nairobi, Kenya from 30-31 October 2013. The meeting aims to improve collaboration between governments in the Horn of Africa and Yemen, and with international partners, to better manage migration and improve the well-being of migrants.

22 Oct 2013 description

BALTIMORE, MD, October 22, 2013 – Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is joining a program that connects farmers in the United States with their counterparts around the world for training and technical assistance. The CRS project will focus on East Africa.

“The program will use the expertise of U.S. Catholics and non-Catholics to help the impoverished communities we serve in this part of Africa,” said Bruce White, director for the program.

07 Oct 2013 description
report IRIN

NAIROBI, 7 October 2013 (IRIN) - Development projects such as new roads, or dams to boost electricity production, must ensure that the human rights of those evicted are not trampled, say campaigners, who are urging international donors to do more to insist that those affected receive adequate compensation and protection.

Population growth, urbanization and pressure on the land could make such evictions more common in Africa in the future, hence the need for a strictly implemented legal code, they say.

03 Oct 2013 description
report Kenya Daily Nation

By BARNABAS BII More by this Author

Stringent security measures have been introduced at Kakuma refugee camp in Turkana County to deter Al-Shabaab militants from hiding there.

Refugees are being thoroughly vetted before being admitted and restricted from going to other parts of the county.

“We no longer accept refugees without referral letters from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,” said Turkana West police boss Jonathan Ngala.

He also said refugees would not be allowed to leave the camp without a compelling reason like medical treatment.

26 Sep 2013 description

Forecasts suggest below-average October to December in the eastern Horn of Africa

Regional and national forecasts suggest poor October-December rainfall in the eastern Horn of Africa. If this occurs, elevated food insecurity islikely in agropastoral areas of Somalia’s Hiraan, Bay, and Bakool Regions, southeastern and coastal marginal farming areas of Kenya, and southern and southeastern pastoral areas of Ethiopia. Close monitoring of the season and contingency planning is recommended.

06 Sep 2013 description
report IRIN

MOYALE, 6 September 2013 (IRIN) - Thousands of families remain displaced from the northern Kenya district of Moyale, close to the Ethiopian border, following the latest spate of clan violence, which has left at least two dozen dead since it broke out on 30 August.

Aid agencies say they have been unable to conduct a comprehensive assessment of humanitarian needs, essential for providing emergency assistance to populations in some of the district's more volatile areas.

23 Aug 2013 description

From 2010 to 2012, the number of registered asylum seekers and refugees rose from 430,871 to 630,097, largely due to the conflict and drought affecting neighbouring Somalia. Somalis are not the only people seeking safety in Kenya; asylum seekers arrive from South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Great Lakes region on a daily basis. This presents complex logistical concerns for humanitarian agencies operating in Nairobi, where an estimated 56,000 of Kenya's registered asylum seekers and refugees are currently based.

15 Jul 2013 description


 Tensions remain high in Mandera and Wajir Counties, where inter-communal conflicts since March 2012 have left over 90 people dead and more than 52,000 others displaced.

 On 29 June, three people died and 20 houses were burnt down during a retaliatory attack by members of the Garre community against the Degodia in Mandera.

 On 30 June, a peace team comprising the Wajir County Governor, Senator and Women Representative were ambushed by unknown assailants during an assessment mission in the County. No injuries were reported.

09 Jul 2013 description

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Kenya: Deadly attacks on IDPs in Kenya displaces 30,000