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21 Apr 2009 description
report World Bank
  • La Banque débloque 2 milliards de dollars pour son fond d'aide spécial crise alimentaire, afin d'apporter une aide immédiate aux pays durement affectés par la hausse des prix des aliments.

    - Depuis mai dernier, le fond d'aide a approuvé un ensemble de projets dans 31 pays, portant sur 916 millions de dollars.

21 Apr 2009 description

This report covers the period 01/01/08 to 31/12/08.

In brief

Programme purpose: In support of Global Agenda Goal 2, the International Federation's Global Measles and Polio Initiative aims to support Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies to work with partners and provide community social mobilization before, during and after vaccination campaigns to reduce measles and polio morbidity and mortality.

17 Apr 2009 description

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karel De Gucht, has decided to make more than 21 million euro of the budget for 2009 available for emergency aid.

A major part of the aid is foreseen for countries in Africa where complex crises occur, usually characterised by a lack of structural and/or political solutions (DR Congo, Somalia, Sudan etc).

17 Apr 2009 description

- 133 Resurgence of wild poliovirus types 1 and 3 in 15 African countries, January 2008–March 2009

- 133 Résurgence du poliovirus sauvage de type 1 et 3 dans 15 pays africains, janvier 2008-mars 2009

08 Apr 2009 description
report UN Security Council


The present report examines the challenges faced by the United Nations and its partners in providing professional mediation assistance to parties in conflict. It describes the need for experienced and knowledgeable mediators and support teams, with women adequately represented, and sufficient resources to provide assistance at an early stage to help parties design and pursue processes that will address the root causes of their conflicts, overcome obstacles that block progress, and achieve agreements that lead to sustainable peace.

07 Apr 2009 description

New grant builds on contributions, efforts of U.S., international partners

By Nancy L. Pontius, Special Correspondent

Littleton, Colorado - To support the global campaign against poliomyelitis (polio) - a contagious virus that paralyzes and sometimes kills young children - the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded two challenge grants (the most recent in January for $255 million) to the service organization Rotary International.

02 Apr 2009 description


High food prices persist in developing countries despite an improved global cereal supply situation and sharp decline in international prices. This is affecting access to food of large numbers of low-income vulnerable populations.

A recent analysis of domestic food prices for 58 developing countries shows that latest prices are higher than a year earlier in 78 percent of the cases, and in 43 percent of the cases are higher than 3 months earlier. Mostly affected are sub-Saharan African countries.

02 Apr 2009 description
report World Bank

Grâce au Programme d'intervention en réponse à la crise alimentaire mondiale (GFRP), la Banque peut apporter une aide rapide aux populations les plus vulnérables dans 35 pays.

Ce que fait la Banque mondiale

Le Groupe de la Banque mondiale a lancé un méca- nisme de financement rapide doté de 1,2 milliard de dollars - le Programme d'intervention en réponse à la crise alimentaire mondiale (GFRP) - afin d'accélérer les apports d'aide aux pays qui en ont le plus besoin.

31 Mar 2009 description


El "Barómetro" es un informe trimestral editado en castellano, catalán y en inglés por el Programa de Conflictos y Construcción de Paz de la Escola de Cultura de Pau de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, que analiza los acontecimientos ocurridos en el mundo a lo largo del trimestre (enero-marzo de 2009) a través de cinco apartados: conflictos armados, tensiones, procesos de paz, crisis humanitarias y dimensión de género en la construcción de la paz.

31 Mar 2009 description

This bulletin covers price analysis for the period from December to February 2009. The objective of the bulletin is to provide early warning information on price changes of staple food commodities. Staples contribute 40 - 80% of energy intake for most population groups in developing countries. Poor households derive even higher percentage of energy from staples. Therefore, a small increase in staple prices has a high impact on their overall food consumption.

30 Mar 2009 description
report World Bank

WASHINGTON DC, March 30, 2009-When food becomes more expensive, the poor eat less or not at all. The World Bank and its partners have moved swiftly over the last year, disbursing money from the $1.2 billion global food fund faster than even before, to help the poor cope with high and volatile food prices.

30 Mar 2009 description

Brussels, 30 March 2009 - Today the European Commission adopted a € 314 million package of projects to support agriculture and improve the food security situation in 23 developing countries across the globe. This is the first financing decision in the framework of the € 1 billion Food Facility which was adopted at the end of last year as a response to the growing food security problems faced by many developing countries.

27 Mar 2009 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 27 March 2009 (IRIN) - In a time of growing food shortages and high prices, humanitarian agencies have begun exploring ways to respond to crises sooner.

20 Mar 2009 description

Qu'est ce que UNHAS?

Le service aérien humanitaire des Nations Unies (UNHAS) transporte des humanitaires (de l'ONU ou d'ONG), des bailleurs et des journalistes sur des terrains d'urgence extrême à travers le monde. Ce service, géré par le Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM), a été mis en place à la demande du Comité de gestion de haut niveau en 2003 et dessert l'ensemble de la communauté humanitaire.

Situation :

20 Mar 2009 description

What is UNHAS?

The UN Humanitarian Air Service flies humanitarian workers (from UN and NGOs), journalists and others to some of the hardest-to-reach emergency operations in the world. It is run by the World Food Programme on behalf of the entire humanitarian community (requested by the UN High-Level Committee on Management, in 2003).

Current situation:

18 Mar 2009 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-third General Assembly
Thematic Dialogue on Access
to Education (AM & PM)

Protecting Right to Education Has Fallen Victim to Culture of Neglect; States Are Urged to Make Schools Safe Havens, Criminalize Attacks against Them

18 Mar 2009 description
report UN General Assembly

New York, 18 March 2009

I wish to thank once again, for gracing this forum,

His Excellency Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi,

Her Highness Sheikha Mozad bint Nasser Al-Minad,


United Nations Colleagues,

Representatives of Civil Society,

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As we come to the close of this interactive dialogue on access to education in emergency situations, I want to thank all of you for deepening our understanding of the complexities of this issue.

18 Mar 2009 description

New York, 18 March 2009 - Deputy Secretary-General's remarks to General Assembly thematic debate on the right to education in emergency, post-crisis and transition situations caused by man-made conflicts and natural disasters

Mr. President,

Honorable Ministers,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to welcome you to this important debate.

12 Mar 2009 description
report Save the Children

(Sarajevo, 12 March 2009) Today, top peace negotiators and education experts joined representatives of governments and the United Nations at a unique summit to examine how quality education can be prioritised in peace processes, and become a reality for all children living in conflict-affected countries.

Nobel Peace Prize winners Desmond Tutu, Mairead Maguire and Rigoberta Menchu addressed the conference via video link to lend their support and energy to the attendees.

Tutu declared, "Nothing can be more unjust than denying children their right to education.