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19 Mar 2018 description

Since November 2017, USD 800,000 have been received for medicines and medical supplies out of $4.2 million needed to prevent stock rupture. Consequently, stock rupture of Primary Health Care (PHC) medicines (640 EDK - curative care for children and adults, MNHC and reproductive health) for 46 MHNTs (drought and IDPs) run by NGOs (IRC, SC, Care, Goal, IMC, MC, IRE, and AAH I Somali, Oromia, SNNP) within 1-2 month.

19 Mar 2018 description

$50 million is required immediately to cover the cost of two rounds of assistance for 1.8 million beneficiaries in Somali region, including drought and conflict-affected families, up until when the incoming supplies will arrive.

19 Mar 2018 description

On 13 March, the government of Ethiopia and humanitarian partners officially released the Humanitarian and Disasters Resilience Plan (HDRP) for 2018. Ethiopia is facing a third successive exceptional year of drought-related humanitarian crisis. Acute needs are expected to continue in areas assisted through the 2017 response.

16 Mar 2018 description


  • According to the Humanitarian Disaster Resilience Plan, 7.88 million people in Ethiopia will require food assistance in 2018. The Somali Region remains the epicenter of the drought, with an estimated 1.8 million people in need of lifesaving food assistance.

16 Mar 2018 description

Ethiopia Launched the 2018 South Sudan Refugee Response Plan, outlining the collective response of 24 participating organizations.

10,781 South Sudanese refugees have been registered in Ethiopia since the beginning of year.

51 children in Addis Ababa received protection support from the Refugee Outreach Volunteers (ROVs) in February. The ROVs help link UNHCR and partners with the refugees in the city.

16 Mar 2018 description

909,301 Registered Refugees and Asylum-seekers

246,254 Households

16 Mar 2018 description

Ethiopia is host to the second largest refugee population in Africa, sheltering over 909,301 registered refugees and asylum seekers as of 28 February 2018.

In the first two months of 2018, 15,097 refugees arrived in Ethiopia, including 7,202 in February. They include more than 10,700 from South Sudan and more than 3,700 from Eritrea.

15 Mar 2018 description


15 Mar 2018 description

Drought continues in Southern Africa, while parts of Madagascar and Kenya are on flood watch

  1. Due to poor rainfall since November western Namibia is in a severe drought. Conditions may worsen as limited rain is forecast next week.

  2. In southwestern Madagascar, an uneven and inadequate rainfall distribution since the start of the rainfall season has resulted in severe drought. Drought conditions are likely to persist.

15 Mar 2018 description

The application is vital for early detection of Fall Armyworm and guiding best response

14 March 2018, Rome - FAO has launched a mobile application to enable farmers, agricultural workers and other partners at the frontline of the fight against Fall Armyworm in Africa to identify, report the level of infestation, and map the spread of this destructive insect, as well as to describe its natural enemies and the measures that are most effective in managing it.

15 Mar 2018 description

Geneva, Thursday 15 March 2018

Humanitarian access has deteriorated in seven countries over the past six months, according to the Humanitarian Access Overview report released today by ACAPS.

Out of the 37 countries included in the report, nearly half of them (18) are currently facing high humanitarian access constraints. Moderate humanitarian access constraints are an issue in nine countries and ten present low humanitarian access constraints.

15 Mar 2018 description

Funding required: $23.18 B
Funding received: $936.6 M
Funding percentage: 3.8%
People in need: 128.8 M
People to receive aid: 93.6 M Countries affected: 35

15 Mar 2018 description

Yemen – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, continues to help stranded migrants in Yemen return home, with the latest of its humanitarian return movements taking place this week (12/03) – one from Al Hudaydah for 41 Ethiopian migrants and a Croatian migrant and the other from Aden for 144 Somali refugees.

15 Mar 2018 description
  • In an apparent response to a clash between the Ethiopian military and regional authorities of Oromia State in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian military opened fire on the civilian population leading to 13 deaths, 20 injuries and 16 reported missing.

  • The aftermath of this armed encounter has resulted in the displacement of approximately 8 200 people (over 95% are women and children) fleeing serious unrest in their areas of origin to neighbouring Kenya (Moyale county).

14 Mar 2018 description

The Impact of Disasters on Agriculture and Food Security 2015 showed that a staggering 22 percent of total damage and loss from natural disasters in developing countries was absorbed by the agriculture sector alone.