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06 Apr 2017 description
report Enough Project

Executive summary

Large-scale migration to Europe has precipitated a paradigm shift in relations between the European Union (EU) and the government of Sudan, and closer ties between both entities. This new partnership has resulted in the EU disbursing millions of euros to the Sudanese government for technical equipment and training efforts geared toward stopping the flow to Europe of migrants from Sudan and those from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa who come through Sudan.

15 Sep 2014 description
report Enough Project

South Sudan’s civil war began in December 2013 as a political power struggle, but quickly led to ethnic-targeted killings and revenge attacks. Thousands have been killed, although no one knows the exact number, and the country now faces what could become the most deadly famine in Africa since the 1990s. The Enough Project’s Justine Fleischner recently returned from a month-long trip to South Sudan and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the regionally mediated peace process is underway. As part of Enough’s new interview series, Fleischner spoke with Greg Hittelman about what she saw.

30 Jul 2013 description
report Enough Project

Violence in Jonglei, South Sudan’s largest state, has rapidly increased in scope and scale. Fighting between the South Sudanese army, or the SPLA, and a Khartoum-supported rebel group continues, and there is renewed inter-communal violence. Additionally, there are increasing reports of attacks on civilians by the SPLA. The escalating humanitarian crisis for Jonglei’s civilian population demands stronger international action.

30 Jul 2012 description
report Enough Project

Posted by Jenn Christian on Jul 30, 2012

This oped co-authored with James Bair, an attorney at Washington, D.C., office of Brown Rudnick LLP, originally appeared on Global Post.

Have you heard of Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir?
He is, perhaps, best known as the only sitting head of state wanted by the International Criminal Court, or ICC, for the commission of crimes against humanity and genocide. The story of Bashir’s reign of terror in Sudan, however, began much earlier than the conflict in Darfur, and continues today.

23 Jul 2012 description
report Enough Project

Enough Project Documents Attacks by Sudan Armed Forces Targeting Civilians in Blue Nile State

BATIL REFUGEE CAMP, South Sudan -- The government of Sudan continues its brutal campaign against the civilians in Blue Nile state, which has forced thousands to flee the area, as documented by a new Enough Project report.

19 Jan 2012 description
report Enough Project

By: Omer Ismail and Annette LaRocco

Jan 19, 2012

Prior to South Sudan’s independence in July 2011, Sudan was the largest country in Africa. At over one million square miles, Sudan stretched from the Sahara to Central Africa. As a unified country it bordered on nine other states. Today, after separation, the two Sudans share a diverse and critical geopolitical sub-region that links the Sahara, the Sahel, the Horn, and the Great Lakes.

23 Nov 2011 description
report Enough Project

SHERKOLE Refugee Camp, Ethiopia -- “The signals were there” for war to return to his home state of Blue Nile, said Aziz. He sat on a wooden bench among a group of men, mostly refugees who also fled from fighting in the state. Yusaf spoke to Enough alongside Ibrahim, Ali, and Osman, all of whom came from the town of Baw. Given their statements, all are likely active SPLM-North party members.

17 Nov 2011 description
report Enough Project

Posted by Amanda Hsiao

SHERKOLE REFUGEE CAMP, Ethiopia -- Miriam was listless as she spoke, sitting on a plastic mat outside of a tukul in the refugee camp. “I can’t even make any sense out of it because it’s too fresh in my mind,” she said, patting a crying young child clamoring for her attention. “My mind is still gripped by this,” Miriam said as she began to tell about the day fighting broke out in the town of Wad el-Mahi in Sudan’s Blue Nile state.

“What happened are the problems that have been brought to us by Omar al-Bashir,” she said.

06 Nov 2011 description
report Enough Project

Posted by Nenad Marinkovic on Nov 04, 2011

JUBA, South Sudan -- Sudan Armed Forces, or SAF, have taken control of the stronghold of the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North, or SPLA-N, in Kurmuk town, near the Ethiopian border.