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15 Jul 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Osman Hassan has reported for AP that at least 5,000 Ethiopian regulars accompanied by convoys of heavy equipment have crossed into Somalia and are headed toward the eastern sectors of the country.

11 Feb 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

BBC reported today that the UN's special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun, briefed the UN Security Council yesterday on the Horn of Africa War. Mr. Sahnoun essentially said he was mystified by the war and the underlying rationale employed by each side to fight.

With that said, and using words that sound ominous, Mr. Sahnoun said, "We might be witnessing soon the first high-tech war in Africa. Both sides have purchased sophisticated fighter planes for bombing purposes.

09 Feb 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise

Africa War I is a major regional conflict occurring in the DR Congo, the Angolan and Congo Republic civil wars are well underway in both those countries, and now Khaled Kazziha, reporting for AP from Eritrea, has confirmed that the Horn of Africa War "has returned in earnest" to that region. Kazziha, reporting from Geza Gerehelase, Eritrea, said that on the evening of February 8, Ethiopia launched "withering artillery barrages and helicopter attacks" in the Badme-Shiraro area.

05 Feb 1999 description
report Marek Enterprise


Ethiopia has charged that Eritrean fighter aircraft bombed a fuel depot in the small northern town of Adigrat, about 30 km inside Ethiopia from the Eritrean border. Tsegaye Tadesse reported for Reuters that two aircraft conducted the raid. Eritrea has denied the charges and has counter-charged that Ethiopia is simply looking for an excuse to launch its own invasion. Tadesse reported that a hotel guest in the town said there was no explosion and the town was quiet.