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15 Oct 2010 description
report World Bank

- Malnutrition is a serious threat to human capital and economic growth in Africa

- Community-Based Nutrition program shows encouraging early results in Ethiopia

- Such efforts, funded by IDA, work directly towards the Millennium Development Goals


WASHINGTON, October 15, 2010-Across Africa, many countries are off-track on the nutrition and health targets embedded within the Millennium Development Goals.

07 Oct 2010 description
report World Bank

- Malaria still kills about 850,000 people in Africa each year  

- Anti-malaria efforts play a role in economic growth and poverty reduction

- The World Bank, through IDA, is directly supporting countries and catalyzing investment

WASHINGTON, October 7, 2010-Sub-Saharan Africa has made much progress against malaria in recent years, but this preventable and treatable disease still kills about 850,000 people in the region each year. Victory against malaria requires sustained funding, expanded prevention, stronger national and regional health systems, and continued research.

03 Oct 2010 description
report World Bank


The Status of Projects in Execution (SOPE) report for FY10 provides information on all International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), International Development Association (IDA), and trust funded projects that were active as of June 30, 2010. The report is intended to bridge the gap in information available to the public between the project appraisal document or program document, disclosed after the Bank approves a project, and the implementation completion report, disclosed after the project closes.

30 Sep 2010 description
report World Bank

Press Release No:2011/AFR/113

WASHINGTON, September 30, 2010 - The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved funding of US$150 million (US$108.4 million as credit and the remaining US$41.6 million as grant) to the Government of Ethiopia to support increased agricultural productivity, enhanced market access for key crop and livestock products, and improved food security.

Using funds from the International Development Association (IDA) - the World Bank's fund for the world's poorest countries - and in collaboration with other donors, the Agricultural Growth …

30 Sep 2010 description
report World Bank

Press Release No:2011/AFR/113


In Washington: Herbert Boh +1 202 473 3548, hboh@worldbank.org

17 Sep 2010 description
report World Bank


Since the Protection of Basic Services (PBS) 1 Program started in 2006, Ethiopia has made strong progress to expand and improve the delivery of basic services. This resulted in an increased net primary enrollment rate from 68.5 percent (2005) to 83.5 percent (2009), and an improved child immunization rate from 70 percent (2005) to 81.6 percent (2009). It also increased rural access to potable water from 46 percent (2005) to 61.5 percent (2009).

30 Jul 2010 description
report World Bank

Project Development Objectives/Outcomes

Original/Current Project Development Objectives/Outcomes

The Project seeks to increase the likelihood that crop production in 2009-2010 will remain on or near the growth trend of recent years. To that end, the development objective is to contribute to the Government's efforts to ensure aggregate availability of supply of chemical fertilizers for the 2009-2010 production season adequate to meet smallholder farmers' priority demands.

23 Jul 2010 description
report World Bank

- De nombreux pays africains ont enregistré des progrès en matière de santé maternelle et infantile

- La Banque mondiale a fourni des financements qui ont permis la mise en œuvre des réformes et des projets clés dans ces pays

- Ces exemples de réussite doivent être répliqués rapidement pour combler les écarts en matière d'ODM relatifs à la santé

KAMPALA, 23 juillet 2010 - Alors que les dirigeants politiques africains se réunissent à Kampala cette semaine pour traiter des questions liées à la santé maternelle et infantile, problème hautement prioritaire, il est essentiel de ne …

23 Jul 2010 description
report World Bank

- In Africa, many countries are making progress on mother and child health

- The World Bank has supported many key reforms and projects in these countries

- Progress needs to be replicated quickly to close the gap on the health MDGs in Africa


KAMPALA, July 23, 2010-As African policymakers gather in Kampala this week to focus on maternal and child health as a high priority challenge, it's important to look beyond Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole being largely off-track on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which include targets for major …

22 Jun 2010 description
report World Bank

I. General

1. COMESA's strategic agricultural goal is to achieve improved regional food security in the COMESA region with Member States recognizing that attaining food security is not possible without achieving agriculture sector competitiveness. The specific project development objective of the proposed CAADP - Child Trust Fund (CTF) is improved strategic planning and implementation of agricultural investments at the national and regional levels.

07 Jun 2010 description
report World Bank

- Innovation Fair draws 32 project proposals aimed at helping populations living in conflict-affected states.

- About 2,000 competition participants select finalists through online voting.

- Finalists incorporate technologies to improve governance and service delivery; others use media to tell stories of conflict-affected groups.

June 7, 2010- A global array of social innovators and peace-builders came together recently in Cape Town, South Africa, to share new ideas and raise their voices to help vulnerable people caught in the crossfire of persistent state conflict.

The World …

01 Jun 2010 description
report World Bank

The World Bank, Department for International Development (DFID) and other donors have long been engaged in legal and judicial reform in sub-Saharan Africa in such areas as legal drafting, strengthening court administration, judicial training, and the empowerment of citizens through a better understanding of the legal system. This has often been done on an ad hoc basis with only limited review of other reform efforts in the region.

11 May 2010 description
report World Bank

New report shows increasing demands for financing, knowledge sharing

Washington DC, May 11, 2010 - Despite the global financial crisis and the resulting economic downturn, the past year has witnessed unprecedented demand from developing countries for World Bank Group support in their efforts to address development and climate change as interlinked challenges, according to a new report.

22 Apr 2010 description
report World Bank

Funding will Close Half of the Remaining Gap to Provide Entire Population with Nets

Press Release No:2010/358/AFR

Washington, April 22, 2010 - World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick today committed $200 million to provide people in sub Saharan Africa with bed nets that will protect them from malaria. Malaria kills nearly one million people every year in poor countries around the world.

22 Apr 2010 description
report World Bank
  • World Bank and international donors are working together to provide longer-term support for developing countries affected by the food crisis.

    - Global food price spikes in 2007 and 2008 increased undernourishment by an estimated 6.8%, and drove at least 100 million more people into poverty.

    - New Global Agriculture and Food Security Program fights food insecurity through improved agricultural productivity among poor, rural populations.

    April 22, 2010-Across the globe, more than 1 billion people go to bed hungry each nighta number exacerbated by the 2007-08 food price …

21 Apr 2010 description
report World Bank
  • Land certificates in rural Ethiopia boost confidence, status of women

    - Effort to certify farmers' land continues through World Bank's sustainable land management project

    - Major goals include halting land degradation and boosting agricultural productivity

    April 21, 2010 -Tewabech Mamo gazed at the lush barley field in front of her home in the Ethiopian highlands. Mist rose from a nearby stand of thriving eucalyptus trees she planted after receiving title to more than a hectare of farmland.

13 Apr 2010 description
report World Bank
  1. Country and Sector Background

    1. Agriculture is Ethiopia's most important sector. Agriculture is crucial for the country's food security and the sector is the largest contributor to overall economic growth and poverty reduction. It accounts for about 47 percent of national GDP, almost 90 percent of the foreign exchange earnings, and 85 percent of employment. The livelihood of about 90 percent of the poor is fully or partly dependent on agriculture.

    2. Agricultural growth is fundamental to Ethiopia's overall development.

13 Apr 2010 description
report World Bank


>1,1 milliard de personnes vivaient avec moins de 1 dollar par jour et 923 millions étaient mal nourris, avant même que les crises alimentaire, énergétique et financière ne commencent.

> Les prix alimentaires restent instables. Dans de nombreux pays, les prix locaux des aliments n'ont pas baissé, même si les prix ont chuté au niveau international.

> Lorsque les prix alimentaires sont élevés, les gens pauvres sont forcés soit de manger moins, soit de se rabattre sur des aliments moins chers et de moindre qualité, soit encore de renoncer aux dépenses …

13 Apr 2010 description
report World Bank


> 1.1 billion people were living on less than $1 a day and 923 million were undernourished, even before the food, fuel and financial crises.

> Food prices remain volatile.