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14 Dec 2018 description

Addis Ababa (ICRC) – In the wave of historic reforms that have swept Ethiopia this year, the needs of the country's displaced people must not be forgotten, the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Friday on a visit to the country.

28 Aug 2018 description

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in partnership with Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS), is supporting the Oromia Pastoral Areas Development Commission to help communities displaced by ethnic violence access veterinary services.

22 Aug 2018 description

Schools. Factories. Courthouses. These are just a few of the buildings that now act as shelters for displaced families in southern Ethiopia after a wave of inter-communal clashes along the border areas of Gedeo and West Guji zones drove nearly one million people from their homes.

“We came here because we were attacked,” said Tigist, who fled her home in Hanchabie village. “We left our village empty-handed to save our lives. We travelled and spent three days in the bush to get here.”

07 Aug 2018 description

The ICRC and Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) begun delivering emergency assistance to people displaced by ethnic violence in Ethiopia last week. The displacement occurred along the borders of Gedeo (Southern Ethiopia Region) and West Guji (Oromia Region) between mid-April and early June. The assistance aims to reach 10,000 displaced families and benefit an estimated 60,000 individuals.

23 Jul 2018 description

Ethiopia: Addressing the needs of vulnerable communities in 2018

In 2018, the ICRC has continued to address the needs of vulnerable groups and individuals in Ethiopia by partnering with national bodies in order to do so as effectively as possible. We visited thousands of detainees in federal and regional prisons to assess their living conditions and ensure that they are treated humanely.

18 Jul 2018 description

A two-day training brought together 55 senior federal police officers on how international human rights standards and humanitarian principles can be applied to policing.

In his opening remarks, Federal Police Deputy Commissioner General Hidego Seyoum said the training would have paramount importance in ensuring good governance and building of a democratic system to which the country is embarking upon.

12 Jul 2018 description

Geneva/Addis Ababa (ICRC) — Inter-communal clashes in southern Ethiopia are fueling a rapidly swelling humanitarian crisis in which more than 800,000 people are forcibly displaced from their homes and do not have food, clean water, shelter, or other basic necessities.

29 Jun 2018 description

"Everything we had was gone...We were left with nothing," recalled Mohammed Ali, a resident of Gudis village in Darolebu district in eastern Ethiopia. He was among the more than 8,400 families displaced by the ethnic conflict that occurred between Oromos and Somalis in Darolebu and Hawigudina districts in West Hararghe Zone, where the two groups live alongside one another, in December 2017.

23 May 2018 description

Aysha Ibrahim is a mother of ten children who lives in Darolebu district, an area located in eastern Ethiopia, where ethnic Oromos and Somalis live alongside one another. The 42-year-old is among the over 8,433 households displaced by ethnic violence that occurred in December 2017. Aysha, who lost her husband as the result of the violence, is one of the recipients of emergency assistance provided jointly by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) following the violence.

03 Apr 2018 description

In 2017, the ICRC worked to address the needs of vulnerable groups and individuals, partnering with national bodies in order to do so as effectively as possible. Attention to humanitarian affairs in Ethiopia was understandably focused on the response to internally displaced persons and drought.

17 Oct 2017 description

Biniyam was only 5 when armed men abducted him from a traditional gold mining site in Gambella, Ethiopia and taken to war-torn South Sudan.

His mother tried to stop the kidnapping but was shot by the abductors. Both Biniyam's mother and father, who was absent during the April 2017 attack, had never expected they would see their son again. But this family's story has a happy ending.

10 Jul 2017 description

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and senior Ethiopian police officials held a one-day discussion in Addis Ababa last week to discuss international human rights and humanitarian standards related to policing.

20 Jun 2017 description

Merima Musa is a mother of five children whose farm fields were in danger of lying empty. The family, already buffeted by the effects of both repeated poor rains and intercommunal clashes, had nothing to plant, but a donation of maize and sorghum seeds has the 55-year-old hopeful about an upcoming harvest.

"Had it not been for the supply, my farm would have remained idle," she said.

16 Jun 2017 description

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ICRC) - Twenty-eight members of the Addis Ababa police force received first-aid training to give them the skills needed to save lives in emergency situations.

The five-day training also included sessions on international human rights and humanitarian standards for policing focusing on the laws and protocols regulating arrest, detention and the use of force and firearms.

The training was conducted by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in partnership with the Addis Ababa metropolitan police and the Addis Ababa Red Cross.

05 May 2017 description

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) are delivering hay to families affected by drought who have been displaced by violence in an effort to prevent the deaths of cattle the communities rely on.

The hay is being delivered to 1,820 pastoral families displaced by intercommunal clashes in Mieso district, in Hararge in eastern Ethiopia. The 43,000 bales will help those families sustain their cattle during a difficult dry period.

26 Apr 2017 description

by Dominik Stillhart, Director of Operations, ICRC

We are on the brink of a humanitarian mega-crisis unprecedented in recent history. The spectre of famine looms large over parts of Africa and the Middle East.

We must act now. What is needed is a broad and massive scaling up of support from the international community. If we treat this as "business as usual", the long-term cost in human lives will only rise.

The consequences of not dedicating the resources to avert these disasters and address their root causes could affect us all.

19 Apr 2017 description

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), the procedure that renders explosive material safe, evokes images of wires, explosives, protective equipment and delicate procedures. Real-life training for such potentially deadly situations is crucial for the safety of people who clear mines.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Ethiopia National Defense Forces (ENDF) provided EOD training for staff from the ENDF's demining units in March at military facilities in Entoto and the Awash Military Areba Training Camp.

05 Apr 2017 description

On the occasion of the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, the Commission of the African Union (AU) and the ICRC organized an awareness session for staff members of the Commission working in environments that may be exposed to explosive hazards and landmines. The session provided theoretical and practical knowledge on risk awareness and safe behavior in weapon contaminated areas. The session was conducted by the ICRC's weapons contamination adviser for Africa and members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team.

10 Feb 2017 description

Central and East Africa is home to the ICRC's second biggest operation in South Sudan. Africa as a whole accounts for 40% of the ICRC's field budget and Central and East Africa is home to four of the top ten largest ICRC operations in the world (South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and DRC). Within Africa, as in the rest of the world, people are forced to leave their homes as a result of armed conflict and other situations of violence. Some of these people remain internally displaced in their own country, whilst others flee across borders as migrants.

26 Oct 2016 description

Speech given by Mr Peter Maurer President of the ICRC, Address to the Council of Europe, 26 October 2016, Strasbourg, France