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31 Dec 2008 description



As one of the three durable solutions for refugees, resettlement is often used when the other options - voluntary repatriation and local integration - are not available. UNHCR Khartoum has been working with resettlement countries to provide this option to refugees in Sudan, particularly those with specific needs.

There are criteria defined by resettlement countries and UNHCR for a refugee to be considered for this option.

31 Dec 2008 description

EAST AFRICA: October- December rains began on time but ended early in south- central Somalia, northeastern and southeastern Kenya, and in parts of southeastern Ethiopia, negatively affecting crop prospects and pasture in these areas. In south- central Soma lia, increased civil insecurity and rampant sea piracy also continue to exacerbate existing food insecurity through displacement, dis ruption of both commercial and humanitarian food imports, and restrictions on food access among already impoverished popula tions.

31 Dec 2008 description
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General Situation during December 2008
Forecast until mid-February 2009

31 Dec 2008 description

Summary Findings

- The total number of Internally Displaced People in the CEA region is 9.1 million in December 2008.

31 Dec 2008 description

Executive Summary

In response to the dramatic rise of global food prices since 2007, WFP has been providing funding and technical support to WFP staff and partners to assess the impact of higher prices and structural vulnerabilities and a growing and 'new face of hunger'.

31 Dec 2008 description

This price watch bulletin covers the quarterly period from September to November 2008. The objective of the bulletin is to provide early warning information on price changes of staple food commodities and their likely impact on the cost of the food basket. Price changes are determined for each country on a quarterly basis.


- Prices still remain significantly higher compared to last year and long term averages, especially in Eastern and Southern Africa, Asia and Middle East.

30 Dec 2008 description

Contexte général

La situation sécuritaire dans l'est de la RDC est toujours précaire. En plus de cela une épidémie d'Ebola vient d'être confirmée dans la province du Kasaï Occidental, zone de santé de Mweka. L'épidémie de choléra au Zimbabwe n'est toujours pas sous contrôle. L'épidémie s'est propagée dans les pays d'Afrique australe.

29 Dec 2008 description

General Context

The security situation in eastern DRC is still precarious. In addition an outbreak of Ebola has been confirmed in the province of Kasaï Occidental, health zone of Mweka. The cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe is not yet under control. The outbreak has spread in the Southern African countries. WHO and partners continue to support efforts aimed at information sharing from affected border districts, strengthening surveillance, as well as for resource mobilization.

Countries Situations

Acute Crises

- Angola: The cholera outbreak is still of high concern.

29 Dec 2008 description


Food Security Update

The first part of the FAO Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission (CFSAM) indicated that meher crop performance is good in the western parts of the country, and harvest could be average especially for the main crop growing areas notes WFP. However, teff production is likely to be below average due to the effect of the unseasonal rains received during October/early November. Harvest prospects are below average in the eastern half of the country.

28 Dec 2008 description


- Amid growing demands for food aid in the predominantly eastern parts of the country, Relief, Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) and Targeted Supplementary Feeding (TSF) resources remain short by 588,500 MT at the value of US$ 508.5 million for 2009.

- According to official reports from the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH), there are 58 new cases of AWD reported from Humbo woredas of Wolaita zone in Southern Nations Nationality and Peoples' Region (SNNPR)


24 Dec 2008 description

Rome, 24 December 2008 - Facts, figures and the latest updates from WFP's high profile emergencies.


- WFP needs to pre-position over 32,700mt of food to cover EMOP beneficiaries' needs for 5 months from July to November 2009.

24 Dec 2008 description
report Government of Italy

Rome December 24, 2008 - "The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Directorate General for Cooperation and Development has contributed with a financial amount of 200.000 to FAO to finance the Regional FAO Office in Nairobi (REOA - Regional Emergency Office for Africa) activities, including coordination in emergency response in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes regions, in close cooperation with twenty-four African countries.

Furthermore, the initiative "Initiative on Soaring Food Prices" is to facilitate the exchange of information on food safety among all …

23 Dec 2008 description


In Kabul, Laghman, and Nangahar, 763 families received packages of fresh Udhiyah meat.


Over 10,000 pounds of fresh meat was distributed to 2,300 poor Iraqi families, as well as a number of orphans, in the provinces of Baghdad, Anbar, Diyala, and Mosul.


Udhiyah meat was distributed to 580 families living in Palestinian refugee camps and isolated rural villages.


In the governorates of Tripoli and Sidon LIFE distributed Udhiyah meat to 130 needy families.

23 Dec 2008 description

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a separatist rebel group active in the eastern Ethiopian region inhabited prevalently by Somalis, called on the United Nations to send a team to investigate what it defied as "a massacre of innocent civilians" in mid December by Ethiopian government forces. The rebels report the killing of 50 civilians in an army attack on the two villages of Mooyaha and Galalshe on December 17 and 18, accusing the government of now "attempting to cover up the evidence of the massacre".

23 Dec 2008 description

Nairobi/Brussels, 23 December 2008


Since 1991 Somalia has been the archetypal failed state. Several attempts to create a transitional set-up have failed, and the current one is on the brink of collapse, overtaken yet again by an Islamist insurgency, despite the support of an Ethiopian military intervention since December 2006. Over the last two years the situation has deteriorated into one of the world's worst humanitarian and security crises.

22 Dec 2008 description


Crop harvest prospects

There is an overall improvement in the food security situation in some parts of the country. Poor meher rains have, however, caused substantial damage to crops in the low and midland areas of Eastern Oromiya, Dire Dawa, Harar and eastern Amhara, according to the latest WFP food security update. In the lowlands of East and West Harerghe zones, crops of maize and sorghum have dried-up and are used for animal feed.