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16 May 2007 description
report Grassroots

By Yoel Alem

The Horn of Africa has become the source of much disturbing news. Mogadishu has become Africa's Baghdad. There is genocide in Darfur, there are bombings in Ethiopia, and there is unremitting repression in Eritrea.

Many independent observers trace the cause of these interlocking crises-or at least the intensity with which each now rages--to the Eritrea-Ethiopia border conflict. Yet the international community does little more to solve this festering problem than to give lip service to the need for a negotiated solution before saying no such solution is in sight.

28 Jun 2000 description
report Grassroots

What are the roots of the war?
Former allies and friends, the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments confounded the international community when they took up arms against each other in May, 1998.  Their border dispute is only one aspect of a broader discord: 

* Eritrea has adopted a centralized and multi-ethnic government and emphasizes self-sufficiency, while Ethiopia is a federal state, with a central government dominated by the Tigray ethnic group.

01 Jun 2000 description
report Grassroots

Boston, June 1 - Freweini Woldai, 30, fled her home on the southern border of Eritrea last week when it came under heavy Ethiopian bombardment. She walked for a week with her four young children, carrying an eighteen month child on her back and a three week old baby in her arms. She could not carry possessions, but received some food on the way from soldiers and villagers. When she finally reached a UN relief agency, she was weak from the recent birth and travel.

25 May 2000 description
report Grassroots

Boston, 25 May - A Boston-based humanitarian agency urged the U.S. to consider economic sanctions on Ethiopia unless it agrees to a ceasefire and withdraws from occupied Eritrean territory. Eritrea has agreed to withdraw from disputed border areas.

23 May 2000 description
report Grassroots

Boston, 23 May - As up to a million Eritreans are uprooted in the invasion of their country by Ethiopia, a Boston aid agency with historical links to the region has issued a call for the US government to take stronger action. The agency's Executive Director Kevin Murray wrote to the State Department, "We urge you to issue an immediate public condemnation of the Ethiopian invasion."

18 May 2000 description
report Grassroots

Boston, 18 May - Yesterday, the UN Security Council imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea and Ethiopia in hopes of dampening their border conflict. Unfortunately, this embargo will not stop the Ethiopian invasion and will have little immediate effect on the hundreds of thousands in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Grassroots International calls for economic sanctions on Ethiopia and immediate international mobilization of humanitarian aid to areas directly affected by the conflict.

17 May 2000 description
report Grassroots

On May 12, Ethiopia launched its long-predicted offensive against Eritrea. Grassroots International calls for the UN Security Council to sanction arms sales and suspend development assistance to Ethiopia pending an end to the current aggression. Humanitarian assistance must be exempt from these provisions, given the serious conditions in the region.

15 May 2000 description
report Grassroots

More than half a million Eritreans are fleeing their homes, as the Ethiopian army advances into their country. The sudden surge of people is overwhelming the capacities of Eritrean relief organizations. To support them, Grassroots International is launching an appeal for emergency aid for the affected areas.