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26 Jan 2018 description
report World Vision


8.5 million people in need of humanitarian and protection services

5.4 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance

10.5 million people in need of water, sanitation and hygiene services

3.6 million children under-5 projected to be malnourished

1.3 Million+ people displaced due to drought and conflict in 2017

1.9 Million children require education support


08 Sep 2011 description
report World Vision

Before the
Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights
House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Regarding the Drought and Famine in the Horn of Africa


Mr. Chairman, thank you for inviting World Vision to testify before your Committee and thank you for holding this hearing. My name is Kent Hill. I am the Senior Vice President for International Programs for World Vision.

02 Jul 2008 description

Nairobi, 2 July 2008 - Large areas of the Horn of Africa are facing - or rapidly sliding into - a state of humanitarian emergency with more than 14 million people requiring urgent food aid and other humanitarian assistance over the coming months.

A combination of drought conditions and rising food prices is driving the crisis which is affecting populations already food insecure due to conflict, displacement and a drop in food production.

26 Apr 2001 description
report World Vision

By Nigel Marsh, World Vision's Communications Manger in East Africa.
Within a generation, the Horn of Africa faces a water crisis that will multiply the worst of today's water-shortages across most of her population.

By 2025, nearly 200 million people in sub-Saharan Africa will face water scarcity - that is people will have less than 1000 m4 of fresh water for each person every year.

Five countries water scarce by 2025

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26 Apr 2001 description
report World Vision

By Alison Preston

10 Nov 2000 description
report World Vision

In the Horn of Africa, around 70 million people live in a constant state of food insecurity and regularly face famine.

05 Apr 2000 description
report World Vision

Worsening drought conditions in the Horn of Africa seem set to cause a famine even greater than that of 1984-85, aid agency World Vision warned today.

05 Apr 2000 description
report World Vision

A desperate state of emergency exists in the Horn of Africa countries which include Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Northern Kenya.

19 Dec 1999 description
report World Vision
Policy Papers--Issue No. 1

Executive Summary