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19 Feb 2016 description

Understanding the Political Marketplace May Improve Results, Says Author De Waal

By: Gopal Ratnam

07 Sep 2001 description

Special Report

John Prendergast


The war between Ethiopia and Eritrea was one of a series of conflicts erupting at the end of the past decade that contributed greatly to undermining earlier optimism for the prospects of a hoped-for "African Renaissance."

The conflict was extremely destructive, killing over one hundred thousand people in World War I-style trench warfare carried out with modern weaponry.

From the outset of the conflict, President Clinton decided that the United States would play a major role in attempting to broker a settlement.

28 Jun 1999 description

John Prendergast

Already the deadliest conflict cluster in the world, the Horn of Africa has exploded again because of the intensification of the once-improbable Ethiopia-Eritrea war.

Support by Ethiopia and Eritrea for proxy militias in Somalia has reignited the Somali civil war and threatened the south with renewed famine.