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15 Oct 2008 description

Addis Ababa, 15 October 2008: The last peacekeepers of the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) returned home at the weekend. Sixty personnel from the rear party of the Indian Battalion (INDBATT V11) flew out of the northern Ethiopian town of Mekelle on Sunday following a farewell ceremony and presentations by Tsegay Berhe, President of the Regional State of Tigray. The peacekeeping troops had been based in the nearby town of Adigrat.

30 Jul 2008 description

Addis Ababa, 30 July 2008 - Military and civilian peacekeepers with the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) will begin the formal liquidation of their headquarters in Asmara and Addis Ababa as of midnight Thursday.

With the Security Council's decision not to renew UNMEE's mandate beyond 31 July, the peacekeepers will remove the remaining equipment and assets belonging to the UN and military contingents that kept watch over the Algiers Peace Agreements signed by Ethiopia and Eritrea in June and December 2000.

UNMEE troops and equipment owned by …

04 Apr 2008 description

Landmines and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) in almost 70 countries, claimed some 6,000 victims last year. Many thousands of other people continue to live in fear of triggering one of these devices while on the way to school, to market or to graze their livestock.

03 Mar 2008 description

Asmara, 3 March: UNMEE completed the regrouping of its peacekeeping personnel and equipment to Asmara at the weekend and closed its two last posts in Camp Dunn and Barentu. All troops of the Jordanian, Indian and Kenyan battalions have left the Temporary Security Zone and are now in the Eritrean capital with the exception of 112 military personnel in the port town of Assab. Military personnel operating in Ethiopia have not been affected by the relocation.

28 Feb 2008 description

Asmara, 28 February - UNMEE's relocation from 33 deployment sites in the Temporary Security Zone to Asmara continued to make progress today.

26 Feb 2008 description

Asmara, 26 February: Eritrean soldiers at a checkpoint near Senafe have blocked the passage of eight UNMEE vehicles in the past 24 hours. Senafe is located in Sector Centre of the Temporary Security Zone. The vehicles were travelling to Camp Dunn to collect equipment for temporary relocation to Asmara. Meanwhile, other relocation movements by peacekeepers and vehicles in Sectors West and East have proceeded without reported incidents.

25 Feb 2008 description

Asmara, 25 February: UNMEE's regrouping of peacekeepers and equipment in Asmara continued without restrictions today. So far, seven out of 11 Team Sites in the Temporary Security Zone have been vacated and four out of 21 posts have been closed.

30 Jan 2008 description

New York, 30 January: The Security Council voted today for a six-month extension of the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE).

The Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the two sides to "show maximum restraint and refrain from any threat or use of force against each other, avoid provocative military activities and put an end to the exchange of hostile statements."

The Council emphasized that "Eritrea and Ethiopia bear the primary responsibility for achieving a comprehensive and lasting settlement of the border dispute and …

27 Dec 2007 description

On 26 December, 2007 at 3:30 hours, the Indian Battalion (Indbatt) Post and UN Military Observer Team Site located at Tsorena inside the Temporary Security Zone, Eritrea, heard firing sounds in the general direction of Gergera, southeast of Tsorena in the border area.

The Team Site and Indbatt post patrol could not go to the scene due to permanent restriction access to the area. UNMEE has been in contact with both parties - Eritrea and Ethiopia regarding the incident and both parties have recognised that the incident has occurred.

The Force is in the process of investigating the …

31 Jul 2007 description



The Integrated Demining teams continue the clearance operations at the Egri Mekel minefield within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). The Route Clearance Team (RCT) deployed to Tserona in Sector Centre, within the TSZ. From 01 July to 31 July 2007, both teams cleared a total area of 152,333 sq.m. The Route Verification Team (RVT) deployed to Badme in Sector West where they verified 247 km of roads, during this deployment.

The MACC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team based in Eritrea carried out EOD activities in Tserona, Sector Centre.

30 Jun 2007 description


The Integrated Demining Capacity (IDC) composed of the Manual Demining Dogs, Bozena, Tapir and the Manual Clearance Team continue to operate in Tserona, Sector Centre to clear Egri Mekel minefield. The Route Clearance Team (RCT) also con-tinue to work in Badme, Tserona and Senafe area in Sector Centre, within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). Both teams cleared 102.4 kms of road and an area of 182,320 sq.m. The Route Verification Team (RVT) deployed to Sector West in Hu-mera, Badme and Shiraro area where they verified an area of 268.5 km, during this deployment.

31 May 2007 description


The Integrated Demining Capacity (IDC), composed of the Mine Detection Dogs (MDD), Manual Clearance and the Mechanical Team continue to work in the Egri Mekel minefield in Tserona, Sector Centre within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). From 01 May to 31 May 2007, the teams cleared a total area of 227,991 sq.m.

The Route Verification Team (RVT) deployed to Humera in Sector West and the Route Clearance Team (RCT) continued the road clearance activities in Badme and Zalambesa in Sector Centre.

13 Apr 2007 description

International Day for M ine Awareness and Mine Action Assistance commemorated on 4 April 2007.

Joining the rest of the international community on Wednesday 4 April 2007 to mark the International Day for Mine Awareness and Mine Action Assistance, a series of displays was held at the Expo site in Asmara. To celebrate the day, representa-tives of the government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, members of Non Governmental Organizations, representatives of UN agencies, staff of UNMEE MACC and invited guests were present at this special ceremony.

12 Mar 2007 description

Operational Updates

The MACC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team has been deployed in the Northern side of the Temporary Secu-rity Zone, Tserona. The Team conducted an assessment on the UXOs in the areas surrounding Arazen, Welesho, May Agam, Ayba, Ednabastifanos and Gemae. The Team also performed UXO demolition in Egri Mekel, destroying a total of 13 UXO's and declared 4 free from explosives.

The Route Clearance Team (RCT) completed their tasks in Humera, Sector West and relocated to the Shambuko area in order to continue with the mine clearance activities.

07 Mar 2007 description


On 27 February, the Acting Special Representative of the Secretary General (ASRSG), Azouz Ennifar, briefed a group of Ambassadors accredited to Ethiopia from Africa, Europe and Asia on the recent progress report of the SG and the tenets of Resolution 1741 (2007), as well as on the current situation in the Mission area. Meanwhile, the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General (DSRSG), Lebohang Moleko, met with Eritrea's Commissioner for Coordination with the Peacekeeping, Col. Zecarias Ogbagaber.

26 Feb 2007 description


The MACC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team deployed to Tserona and destroyed 5 unexploded ordnance items and 4 AT mines reported by the MACC Regional Office in the area. The team con- ducted UXO assessment and identified two UXO's in Gergera and Hadish Adi Villages. The EOD Team Leader and Technician reviewed the second part of the theoretical aspect of explosive ordnance disposal techniques in the field.

The Integrated Demining Capacity (IDC) Teams fo-cused on the clearance of the minefield in Egri Mekel in Tsorena area in the Sector Center.

22 Feb 2007 description

General Overview of the Military Situation

The military situation in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) and Adjacent Areas remained volatile and tense.

In Sector Centre, the Kenyan Deming Company (Kinder) cleared an area of 16,310 square metres inside the TSZ near Hawaiian road junction. MECHEM, also in Sector Centre, cleared 47,821 square metres near Geri Meekly inside the TSZ.

In Sector West, MECHEM cleared 5.8 kilometres and 12.4 kilometres inside the Adjacent Area near the vicinity of Sable and Leached respectively.

09 Feb 2007 description



The Route Clearance Team (RCT) of the UNMEE MACC continues to verify mine threats in riverbeds, verges of roads and minefields on the roads of Shiraro in Sector West. The Integrated Demining Capacity (IDC) teams also continue to work in the minefields of Egri Mekel, Tserona, Sector Center within the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ). During this week, both teams cleared 49,741m=B2 of land and 11 Kms of road.

09 Feb 2007 description


UNMEE briefed the "Friends of UNMEE" and members of the Security Council on the recently adopted resolution 1741 (2007), renewing the mandate.


General Overview

The military situation in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) and Adjacent Areas remained volatile and tense. Routine troop movements continue on both sides: In Sectors West, Centre, and Sub-Sector East.

The Eritrean ban on UNMEE flights is still in place and UNMEE patrols continue to face restrictions inside the TSZ, particularly in Sectors West and Centre.

01 Feb 2007 description



On 30 January, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon left Addis Ababa for Nairobi, after addressing the 8th Ordinary Summit of the African Union (AU) and holding meetings with several Heads of State and Government officials as well as the President of the AU Commission.

The Security Council adopted Resolution 1741 (2007) extending UNMEE's mandate for a further six months until 31 July 2007.