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09 Nov 2018 description

The Federal Government supports people in affected areas of Africa with 6.5 million euros from the Foreign Disaster Fund (FDF)

14 Jun 2018 description

Addis Ababa - Following a visit by Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to Egypt last weekend, 32 Ethiopian irregular migrants, who were detained in the country, were pardoned by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi and flown back to Ethiopia on 11 June 2018.

Upon arrival at the Addis Ababa Airport, the 32 returnees were welcomed by Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael, State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Ms. Maureen Achieng, IOM Ethiopia Chief of Mission and Representative to the ECA AU and IGAD.

05 Jun 2018 description

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani
Location: Geneva
Date: 5 June 2018
Subject: (1) Egypt, (2) United States and (3) Ethiopia

(1) Egypt

A spate of arrests, interrogations and detentions of activists, bloggers and journalists in Egypt over the last few weeks appears to indicate a significant escalation in the crackdown against the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly in the country.

19 Mar 2018 description

Migration Response Centers (MRCs) are service orientated facilities responding to the needs of migrants on the move. Working collaboratively, MRCs bring together key partners to facilitate the identification of migrants in vulnerable situations, and to ensure that they receive appropriate immediate and longer-term support. MRCs fill critical gaps in providing direct assistance, including food and shelter, to migrants along key migration routes, such as in transit countries and at border points.

23 May 2016 description

When families struggle to get enough to eat at a time of crisis, children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of malnutrition. WFP’s specialized nutrition support has been a vital part of the response to the ongoing drought crisis in Ethiopia.

WAGHIMERA, Ethiopia – The first time 4-year-old Gebru’s mother took him to a health centre in Amhara last year, he was so sick with a bad cough that he could not eat properly. He did not recover after the first rounds of treatment for malnutrition.

03 Mar 2016 description

ADDIS ABABA – The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a contribution of US$1 million from the Government of Egypt to assist 100,000 people affected by drought in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

“This contribution comes at an absolutely critical time, when resources are urgently needed to continue the enormous effort by the Government of Ethiopia and WFP to provide food assistance to millions of drought-affected people,” said John Aylieff, WFP’s Country Director and Representative in Ethiopia.

04 Nov 2014 description

Posted by Meseret Bekele

Addis Ababa November 03/2014 Ethiopia and Egypt have signed 5 agreements that expand their collaborations in various spheres.

The areas of agreements are education, technical training, trade cooperation, health, women affairs, and capacity building in diplomacy.

The agreements were signed by Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tewodros Adhanom and his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry who took part in the 5th Ethio-Egypt Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting.

30 Apr 2013 description

IOM has provided basic business training to 26 Ethiopian voluntary returnees from Egypt and Libya to improve their chances of successful reintegration in Ethiopia.

The five-day training in Addis Ababa, which was provided in collaboration with Ethiopia’s Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency (FeMSEDA), covered topics including entrepreneurship, preparing a business plan and basic book-keeping skills.

16 Nov 2012 description
report IRIN

ADDIS ABABA, 16 November 2012 (IRIN) - As Ethiopia's massive dam-building plans continue to cause disquiet in downstream Egypt, new research suggests there is sufficient water in the Nile for all 10 countries it flows through, and that poverty there could be significantly eased as long as access by small-scale farmers is boosted.

26 Mar 2012 description

Overcoming extreme poverty remains at the top of the development agenda in Africa and this commitment is paying off but at a slower pace. Recent evidence indicates that poverty in Africa and in all the regions of the world declined over the period 2005-2010. In Africa, the proportion of people living below the poverty line decreased to 40% in 2008 from 47% in 1990, making it the first ever reversal of the long term poverty trend (see Figure 1). However, there are disparities in the rate of decline between Africa and other regions.

20 Mar 2012 description

MAI-AINI REFUGEE CAMP, Ethiopia, March 19 (UNHCR) – Gebre* knew the dangers as well as any 13-year-old. He understood that to be captured fleeing his country by the Eritrean border guards could mean jail or worse. And anyone taking the route to Ethiopia via Sudan could be held for ransom.

But what was certain was that soon Gebre would be old enough to serve in the Eritrean military, where service is tough and lasts for decades. He discussed the matter with his family and together they agreed that he was better off risking a litany of woes than a life of lost opportunity.

06 Mar 2012 description
report European Union

Brussels, 06 March 2012 - An innovative EU and UNICEF project has helped thousands of families, communities and countries to change attitudes and end harmful traditional practices like female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in Africa, says a report on the EU funded project ahead of International Women's Day. As a result of education and awareness raising, girls in thousands of communities in Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Senegal and Sudan are no longer subjected to this practice.

03 Jan 2012 description
report Government of Egypt

Within the framework of the constant cooperation between Egypt and the African brotherly countries and enhancing and increasing the brotherly cooperation ties between the African peoples, the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa, in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, dispatched a medical convoy to Ethiopia.

14 Sep 2011 description
report The Guardian

Influence of financial players on agricultural commodity markets blamed for global food price inflation and hunger

Felicity Lawrence guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 13 September 2011 11.21 EDT Article history

The activity of financial speculators is overwhelming agricultural commodities markets, fuelling global food price inflation and hunger, according to new analysis from the anti-poverty group the World Development Movement (WDM).

19 Oct 2009 description


The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is a strategic partnership of developed and developing countries, international organizations and foundations that support the work of 15 international agricultural research centers.

08 May 2008 description

Situation générale en avril 2008

Prévisions jusqu'à'mi-juin 2008

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin a été généralement calme en avril sauf en éthiopie, en Arabie Saoudite et en Iran. En éthiopie, des essaims ont persisté dans le sud et la saison des pluies a commencé dans la région de l'Ogaden, dans l'est, o=F9 les essaims vont probablement se déplacer et pondre. De petits groupes et bandes larvaires se sont formés dans l'intérieur de l'Arabie Saoudite et le sud-est de l'Iran, suite aux pontes de mars.

05 May 2008 description
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General Situation during April 2008
Forecast until mid-June 2008

01 May 2008 description

Enrique de Loma-Ossorio y Carmen Lahoz

(Para el Correo)

En las =FAltimas semanas, la subida del precio de los alimentos se ha convertido en un tema de creciente interés en la prensa internacional. Las causas, efectos y posibles soluciones están siendo objeto de análisis y reflexión por parte de todos, y la situación esta generando indignación, preocupación y desconcierto.

31 Dec 2007 description

Earthquake Intensity Zones in Africa

This map shows earthquake intensity zones in accordance with the 1956 version of the Modified Mercalli Scale (MM), describing the effects of an earthquake on the surface of the earth and integrating numerous parameters such as ground acceleration, duration of an earthquake, and subsoil effects. It also includes historical earthquake reports.