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31 Dec 2006 description

Note: Map production date estimated.

29 Dec 2006 description

The Federation's vision is to strive, through voluntary action, for a world of empowered communities, better able to address human suffering and crises with hope, respect for dignity and a concern for equity. Its mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in over 185 countries.

In Brief

Programme Update no. 2

Period covered: 8 June to 30 September, 2006

Appeal target: CHF 3,669, 000 (USD 2,796,000 or EUR 2,371,000).

27 Dec 2006 description

Weekly Introduction:

Tropical Cyclone Bondo

Tropical Cyclone Bondo developed into a very powerful storm in the southwestern Indian Ocean. The storm intensity peaked at 110 knots before starting to weaken. By the time Bondo made landfall, it had been down graded to a tropical storm with winds at about 60 knots. Bondo developed on December 18th near Diego Garcia and dissipated on December 26th in the Mozambique Channel.

20 Dec 2006 description

Greater Horn of Africa Outlook

The four month lead in the Greater Horn shows a slight tilt in the odds towards above normal precipitation in northern Somalia and nearby portions of Djibouti and Ethiopia.

19 Dec 2006 description

Weeks of heavy rains have caused extensive flooding in central and southern Somalia and neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia . More than 100 people have died and up to 2 million people are affected across the three countries. Severe food insecurity caused by a prolonged drought throughout the region is affecting up to 8.5 million people.

13 Dec 2006 description

Weekly Introduction:

Positive ENSO conditions and the Indian Ocean Dipole remain in place

Although there has been a slight amount of cooling in the eastern tropical Pacific, sea surface temperatures remain well above normal across most of the basin. Positive ENSO conditions (or El Nino conditions) are expected to remain in place through the end of the southern Africa growing season.

06 Dec 2006 description

FEWS NET Alert Status

Highest Priority—Urgent Action Required


Chad: Conflicts have put the entire population of eastern Chad at risk of food insecurity, despite the record harvest this year. Agricultural, commercial and vital humanitarian operations have been severely curtailed. See back page for more details.

30 Nov 2006 description


After the crisis of the first half of this year, starting with the long rains in July, and now, since late October, because of the short rains, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia have been experiencing heavy downpours that deepen the humanitarian crisis facing the same communities already affected by the drought. Records and forecasts covering October to December 2006(1) show rainfalls above the normal.

29 Nov 2006 description

The Global Appeal 2007


UNHCR's Global Appeal is published yearly to alert governmental and private sector donors, Executive Committee (ExCom) members and Standing Committee observers, Governments and their Permanent Missions in Geneva, the UN Secretariat, UN agencies, intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, regional organizations and other institutions and interested individuals to the plight of millions of refugees and others of concern to UNHCR.

24 Nov 2006 description

Produced on behalf of FAO, ICAO, ILO, IOM, OCHA, OIE, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNWTO, WFP and WHO by UN System Influenza Coordinator (UNSIC), UN Development Group


In July 2006, the UN Secretary General prefaced the first issue of the UN Consolidated Action Plan for Avian and Human Influenza (AHI) with reference to our collective responsibility for ensuring that all countries -- rich and poor -- are adequately protected and prepared.

22 Nov 2006 description

Weekly Introduction: Flooding continues in the Greater Horn

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13 Nov 2006 description
report UNAIDS

Somalis unite with Horn of Africa partners to address HIV/AIDS

Hargeisa - (Monday 13 November 2006) - "Due to the high level of mobility in the Horn of Africa, important population groups consistently remain outside the reach of national efforts to address HIV/AIDS.

09 Nov 2006 description

By Gordon Bell

CAPE TOWN, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Immediate steps are needed to avert a potential catastrophe as climate change dries up water resources in drought affected areas, hitting poor farmers, a United Nations report said on Thursday.

The vast majority of the world's malnourished people, estimated at about 830 million people, are small farmers, herders and farm labourers, pointing to devastating effects from global warning and requiring a tripling of yearly farming aid to poor countries.

"Climate change threatens to intensify water insecurity on an unparalleled …

08 Nov 2006 description

FEWS NET Alert Status

Highest Priority-Urgent Action Required


Ethiopia: Heavy rains in October caused severe flooding in Somali Region, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis there and expanding the areas affected by floods this year. Still, these rains in the medium term are likely to benefit drought affected pastoral populations, allowing the slow process of their recovery to begin.

05 Nov 2006 description

Each week, the World Health Organization Department for Health Action in Crises in Geneva produces information highlights on the health aspects of selected humanitarian crises. Drawing on the various WHO programmes, contributions cover activities from field and country offices and the support provided by WHO regional offices and Headquarters.

31 Oct 2006 description

This report covers the period from 9/18/2006 to 10/17/2006


Heavy rains since October have caused severe flooding in areas already suffering from high levels of food insecurity. In the medium term, however, the rains will allow an improvement in crop and livestock production and food security in previously drought affected areas, which had suffered a drought that left a large population dependent on humanitarian aid.

18 Oct 2006 description

Highest Priority—Urgent Action Required - Emergency

Ethiopia: Pastoral households continue to face a food security crisis. Water and pasture scarcity remains critical in many districts. Good rains in agricultural areas mean that this year's crop production estimates are expected to be above average, but serious floods may have a negative impact on crop production.