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17 Dec 2001 description

Rome, December 2001

Latest information indicates a slightly larger global cereal output in 2001, of 1 870 million tonnes (including rice in milled terms). However, even at this level, production would still be less than the anticipated utilization requirements in 2001/02, leading to a significant draw-down of cereal stocks.

While Afghanistan currently faces a grave food supply situation, food emergencies persist in many other countries (see box on page 6).

14 Dec 2001 description

(A) West and Central Asia: (1) Regional overview, (2) Afghanistan, (3) Pakistan, (4) Iran, (5) Tajikistan
(1) Regional overview

30 Nov 2001 description

The 2002 CAP: A New Year of Humanitarian Programmes. WHO and other UN agencies have finalized the 18 Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeals for the year 2002, focusing on the vital survival needs of estimated 44 million vulnerable caught in humanitarian crises. Total requirements amount to over US$ 2.5 billion, of which WHO needs some 80 million for essential public health interventions.

26 Nov 2001 description
report UN Security Council

I am honored to join you this morning at this very important event, in my capacity as President of the Security Council.

20 Nov 2001 description

A Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for $2.5 billion to sustain more than 33 million people -- many suffering from war and conflict -- will be launched by Secretary-General Kofi Annan at 11 a.m. on Monday 26 November at Headquarters, it was announced at a press briefing this afternoon.

01 Sep 2001 description

This paper is based on the coordinated views of analysts and experts from agencies across the federal government. It was produced by the National Intelligence Council under the auspices of David F. Gordon, National Intelligence Officer for Economics and Global Issues.Queries should be addressed to Dr. Gordon at the National Intelligence Council.
Information available as of 15 August 2001 was used in preparing this report.

11 Jul 2001 description

Press Release

The Economic and Social Council began debate this morning on United Nations efforts to provide special economic, humanitarian, and disaster relief assistance, hearing contentions by field experts and national delegations that more funding had to be found for such responses and for resources to be provided well after humanitarian and natural catastrophes had faded from the headlines.

The discussion came as the Council started the humanitarian affairs segment of its 2001 substantive session, which will conclude on 27 July.

13 Jun 2001 description

REMINDER: A press conference will be held at Hotel Eggers, Drottningtorget, in Gothenburg on Wednesday, 13 June 2001, at 15:00.
EMBARGO: Not for release until 13 June 2001, 1500 CET

01 Jun 2001 description

This report includes: (A) Horn of Africa: (1) Somalia, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Eritrea, (4) Sudan (B) West and Central Asia: (1) Afghanistan, (2) Pakistan, (3) Tajikistan (C) Balkans Region: (1) Kosovo (2) Serbia (3) fYROM (4) Montenegro, ( 5) Albania (D) Great Lakes: (1) Democratic Republic of Congo, (2) Tanzania (E) West Africa: (1) Sierra Leone, (2) Guinea, (3) Liberia (F) Angola (G) DPR Korea (H) El Salvador From Francesco Strippoli, Senior Humanitarian Adviser; available on the Internet on the WFP Home Page (www.wfp.org), or by e-mail from …

22 May 2001 description

In a crisis, every humanitarian actor is concerned with saving lives and diminishing the suffering of the population. But efforts in immediately obvious areas like shelter, food and protection alone do not guarantee health. There is little benefit in providing food if people are still to die of meningitis, malaria, measles or childbirth.

20 Apr 2001 description

This report includes:

23 Mar 2001 description

This report includes: A) West and Central Asia: 1) Afghanistan, 2) Pakistan B) West Coastal Africa: 1) Guinea, 2) Sierra Leone, 3) Liberia C) Great Lakes: 1) Burundi, 2) Uganda, 3) Tanzania D) Horn of Africa: 1) Kenya, 2) Eritrea, 3) Ethiopia E) DPR Korea F) El Salvador G) Bolivia H) Laos I) Indonesia J) Rapid Response Base

22 Feb 2001 description

Rome, September 2001
Extracts from FAO/GIEWS Food Outlook No. 1, 2001


World cereal output in 2000 is provisionally estimated at 1 852 million tonnes, up slightly from the forecast in November. The forecast for global cereal utilization has also been adjusted upward to 1 909 million tonnes. The shortfall in production will have to be met by a significant drawdown of global cereal stocks.