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21 Dec 2011 description

Ottawa, Ontario―Today, the Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, announced how Canada will be providing continued aid to those affected by the ongoing crisis in eastern Africa through the East Africa Drought Relief Fund.

In October, the Minister reported on the generosity of Canadian donations to help those suffering in eastern Africa. To fulfil its commitment, the government is providing support, through the East Africa Drought Relief Fund, to 14 organizations that are working on the ground to help those most in need.

23 Nov 2011 description

Ottawa, Ontario―The Government of Canada, through the Canadian International Development Agency, is supporting phase two of the Johns Hopkins' Real-Time Results Tracking project, which will allow CIDA to track the results of its child health interventions in real time and adjust its programming to maximize the number of child lives saved.

Through this project, Johns Hopkins will test the tracking methods it developed in the first phase of its project to measure changes in child mortality in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mali, and Niger.

07 Oct 2011 description

Canada fulfills food security commitment

October 5, 2011

Montreal, Quebec―Today, the Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, announced the preliminary tally of funds donated by Canadians to registered Canadian charitable organizations working in East Africa on drought relief.

05 Oct 2011 description

Le Canada donne suite à son engagement à l'égard de la sécurité alimentaire

Le 5 octobre 2011

Montréal, Québec ― Aujourd'hui, l'honorable Beverley J. Oda, ministre de la Coopération internationale, a annoncé le montant total préliminaire des dons versés par les Canadiens aux organismes de bienfaisance canadiens enregistrés qui viennent en aide aux victimes de la sécheresse en Afrique de l'Est.

14 Sep 2011 description

Ottawa (Ontario) ― Aujourd'hui, l'honorable Beverley J. Oda, ministre de la Coopération internationale, a encouragé les Canadiens à aider la population d'Afrique de l'Est qui souffre de la sécheresse et de la famine. La ministre Oda a rappelé aux Canadiens qu'il ne reste que deux jours pour faire un don admissible au Fonds d'aide aux victimes de la sécheresse en Afrique de l'Est.

17 Aug 2011 description

Ottawa, Ontario―The Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, today announced further details of Canada's support to the more than 12 million people in East Africa affected by the worst drought and famine in more than a generation.

17 Aug 2011 description
report Oxfam

La COALITION HUMANITAIRE exprime sa gratitude envers l’Agence canadienne de développement international (ACDI) du gouvernement du Canada pour sa contribution de 8,5 millions de dollars aux efforts de secours en Éthiopie, au Kenya et en Somalie annoncée aujourd’hui.

Les fonds, qui constituent une part de ce que s’était engagé à verser le gouvernement du Canada pour soutenir les efforts humanitaires dans la Corne de l’Afrique, seront remis à trois des cinq membres de la COALITION HUMANITAIRE : CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada et Plan Canada.

10 Aug 2011 description

Ten years ago, HIDA put in place an ambitious program aimed at protecting drinking water sources in the southern Ethiopian district of Dirashe and providing the population with spring water supply systems.

As a result, more than 120,000 people in the district of Dirashe now have access to safe drinking water, compared with only 16,000 in 1998.

04 Aug 2011 description

Imagine walking for two hours to get to school. And then walking two more hours to get home again. Whether slogging through mud in the brief but intense rainy season or travelling under the heat of a blazing hot sun, kids in a small Ethiopian farming community make the daily trek with a spring in their step. Their energy levels are high.

This seems a little out of place in Tigray, a northern province in Ethiopia plagued by droughts, where there never seems to be enough food to go around.
But the taste of change is being ladled out at their school.

29 Jul 2011 description

Drought in the Horn of Africa has left 12.4 million people in need of help. While international attention to the emergency has peaked in recent weeks, CERF funds have been addressing the crisis since rainfalls failed at the end of 2010. More than $94 million dollars has been allocated to drought-affected countries this year.