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06 Jan 2009 description

Dear Friend,

For months we've been hearing about the global food crisis. The cost of food and fuel increased suddenly and sharply, making it harder for poor people around the world to feed their families. In dozens of cities, people took to the streets in protest.

Now the focus is on the collapse of the world economy. Food and fuel prices on global markets have fallen nearly as precipitously as they rose.

So, is the global food crisis over?

Unfortunately, no. It has merely entered a new phase. We are now confronted with an environment of price volatility and uncertainty.

07 Aug 2008 description

Initial $1 million commitment will help poorest buy food and spur agricultural productivity

Baltimore, MD, August, 7, 2008 - Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is responding to the Global Food Crisis with an initial $1 million commitment in private funding for projects over the next two months that will help hungry people in a half dozen countries buy food and prepare for the next planting season.

The response reflects CRS' ongoing two-pronged strategy of providing food, cash and vouchers to meet the immediate needs of those struggling to cope with rising food prices, particularly …

25 Jul 2008 description

Prices of many basic foods have skyrocketed in the last two years, leading to a major food crisis affecting millions of poor people throughout the world. The causes of the crisis are many and complex. An increasing demand for food and energy at a time of low food stocks, poor harvests and weak credit have led to record prices for oil and food.

The price of wheat has doubled in less than a year, while other staples such as corn, maize and soy are trading at well above their 1990s levels.

29 Apr 2008 description

By Elizabeth Griffin

This is how Haiti's poor describe the burning sensation associated with chronic hunger: like drinking bleach or battery acid.

The Haitian Creole phrases klorox and asid batri are being heard more often on the streets of the Western Hemisphere's poorest country lately as the skyrocketing price of food - part of a global crisis - pushes more people to the brink of starvation.

The rising cost of food staples around the world is making national and international headlines.

16 Apr 2008 description

CRS Food Aid Experts Available for Interviews

April 16, 2008, Baltimore, MD - As the cost of food around the world spirals upward, causing widespread hunger and triggering riots in cities in several nations, Catholic Relief Services is urging the Administration and Congress to immediately increase global food assistance to the developing world.