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31 Dec 2001 description

This is the third and final issue in 2001 of this quarterly report prepared by the FAO Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) on the food supply situation, cereal import and food aid requirements for all countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The report is designed to provide the latest analysis and information on the food situation in these countries to governments, international organizations and other institutions engaged in humanitarian operations.

17 Dec 2001 description

Rome, December 2001

Latest information indicates a slightly larger global cereal output in 2001, of 1 870 million tonnes (including rice in milled terms). However, even at this level, production would still be less than the anticipated utilization requirements in 2001/02, leading to a significant draw-down of cereal stocks.

While Afghanistan currently faces a grave food supply situation, food emergencies persist in many other countries (see box on page 6).

10 Dec 2001 description

Introduction by the Director of Operations
The operational trends and priorities for 2002 that are set out in this document reflect the humanitarian situation as foreseen in the light of the lessons learned during the first nine months of 2001 and of initial indications as to the consequences of the attacks of 11 September. At the time of writing, early November 2001, events are still unfolding and their repercussions and future impact on ICRC operations are difficult to anticipate and assess.

The attacks of 11 September 2001

26 Nov 2001 description
report UN Security Council

I am honored to join you this morning at this very important event, in my capacity as President of the Security Council.

23 Nov 2001 description

This report includes:
(A) West and Central Asia Region: (1) Regional overview, (2) Afghanistan, (3) Pakistan, (4) Iran

(B) East and Southern Africa Region: (1) Somalia, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Eritrea, (4) Rwanda

(C) Central Africa Region: (1) Democratic Republic of Congo, (2) Angola

(D) West Africa Region: (1) Sierra Leone, (2) Liberia, (3) Guinea

(E) Latin America and Caribbean region: (1) Cuba, (2) Honduras, (3) Guatemala, (4) El Salvador, (5) Nicaragua

(F) Eastern Europe Region: Northern Caucasus

20 Nov 2001 description

A Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for $2.5 billion to sustain more than 33 million people -- many suffering from war and conflict -- will be launched by Secretary-General Kofi Annan at 11 a.m. on Monday 26 November at Headquarters, it was announced at a press briefing this afternoon.

09 Nov 2001 description

This report includes: (A) West and Central Asia Region: (1) Regional Overview, (2) Afghanistan, (3) Pakistan, (4) Iran (B) East and Southern Africa region: (1) Zimbabwe, (2) Somalia, (3) Burundi, (4) Ethiopia, (5) Eritrea, (6) Tanzania (C) Latin America and Caribbean Region: (1) Cuba, (2) Honduras, (3) Nicaragua, (4) Guatemala, (5) El Salvador (D) West Africa Region: (1) Guinea, (2) Sierra Leone, (3) Liberia

25 Oct 2001 description

In October 2001, the Environment Unit in UNHCR’s Engineering and Environmental Services Section (EESS) organised a four-day workshop in Geneva. The workshop was entitled “Practising and Promoting Sound Environmental Management in Refugee/Returnee Operations”.

12 Oct 2001 description

This report includes: (A) West and Central Asia: (1) Afghanistan, (2) Pakistan, (3) Iran (B) Latin America and Caribbean Region: (1) Belize, (2) Central America Drought (C) Middle East: (1) Palestinian Territories, (2) Yemen (D) West Africa: (1) Regional overview, (2) Sierra Leone, (3) Liberia, (4) Guinea (E) Great Lakes: (1) Tanzania (F) Central Africa: (1) Democratic Republic of Congo (G) Southern Africa: (1) Angola (H) Horn of Africa: (1) Eritrea, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Kenya

04 Oct 2001 description

When all eyes are focussed elsewhere, the world needs to be reminded of the great humanitarian needs on the African continent, says Dr. Astrid Heiberg, the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

02 Oct 2001 description

At the start of 2001 the number of people ‘of concern’ to UNHCR was 21.8 million, or one out of every 275 persons on Earth. This compared with a January 1, 2000 figure of 22.3 million.

07 Sep 2001 description
report UN Security Council

General Assembly
Fifty-sixth session
Item 127 of the provisional agenda*
Promotion and protection of the rights of children

Security Council
Fifty-sixth year

I. Introduction