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25 May 2015 description

Key Issues:

  • The timely provision of short maturing improved varieties of wheat, sorghum, maise and teff seeds will be required for the upcoming meher season.

  • With some 1.6 million livestock require feed and water interventions in Arsi, West Arsi, Bale, East and West Hararge zones of Oromia region, 19.6 million quintals of emergency feed is required for the next two months.

29 Sep 2014 description


  • Pending the release of the revised 2014 HRD, the Government agreed to dispatch the fifth round relief food ration to 1.5 million beneficiaries in 108 nutrition hotspot priority one woredas.

  • Suspected cases of acute watery diarrhea (AWD) were reported from Dollo Ado woreda last week. A health team is currently investigating the report.

27 Nov 2013 description

Food security remains Stressed (IPC Phase 2) in most eastern parts of the country


Slightly above average crop production in November/December in most parts of the country is expected to improve food consumption from November to March 2014, including agropastoral areas of Afar and northern Somali Region.

01 Nov 2013 description

KEY MESSAGES • Overall Kiremt rainfall was average to above average in most areas. A resulting near average volume of Meher crops will lead to stable food security, particularly from October to December. However, starting in January, food security will likely decline in areas where the Kiremt rainfall was below average and other weather hazards occurred.

30 Sep 2013 description

Crops are at their normal developmental stages in most parts of the country


• Following the mostly normal performance of the June to September Kiremt rains, most crops are at their normally expected developmental stage. A near normal Meher harvest is expected in most parts of the country. However, in places where Kiremt rains started late and in areas where some weather-related hazards occurred, some below normal production is anticipated.