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05 Jun 2018 description


  • ECHO announces €2 million to IOM to deliver critical ES/NFIs humanitarian aid to 55,000 flood-affected displaced persons

  • Heavy rains cause landslides, leading to deaths and displacement in southern Ethiopia.

  • Normal to above normal summer kiremt/deyr rains forecast.

  • The Government relocated all 8,119 IDPs in Hamaresa site in East Hararge zone. The site is now closed.

ECHO announces €2 million to IOM for flood response

22 May 2018 description

In this issue

Damage and loss assessment P.1
Gov’t to resettle Qoloji IDPs P.1
Tropical Storm SAGAR makes landfall P. 2
Rising humanitarian needs for Ethiopian returnees from KSA P. 3


  • Government is consolidating assessment of the damage and loss incurred due to the violence along the Oromia and Somali regional boundaries since September 2017.

11 Jan 2018 description


• On 4 January 2018, the Government of Ethiopia announced an allocation of ETB 500 million ($18.6 million) to rehabilitate over 500,000 people displaced by the border conflicts between Oromia and Ethiopian Somali regional states.


Affected pop. 8.5 m

MAM 3.6 m

SAM 375,000

Ethiopia allocates more than US$18 million to rehabilitate internally displaced people

26 Dec 2017 description


• OCHA Director of Operations, Mr. John Ging, visited Ethiopia to review the status of the Government-led international humanitarian response to drought and conflictaffected communities, including internally displaced people.

• Humanitarian operators receive emergency logistics induction training to equip national emergency management authorities, staff from different agencies and humanitarian actors, with emergency logistics skills to ensure timely and efficient humanitarian response.

12 Dec 2017 description


  • Ethiopia launched Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework in line with pledges made at Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in September 2016.

  • 30,000 refugees to benefit from employment opportunities under the “Ethiopian Jobs Compact”.

  • Government to phase out encampment policy over 10 years and advance out-of-camp and local integration options.

Ethiopia launched comprehensive refugee response framework

04 Jul 2017 description

Key Issues

  • Church leaders to work with Health Bureau in the fight against AWD in Amhara region

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extends the amnesty period for irregular migrants by one month

  • Government and partners to distribute 3,000 ES/NFI kits in Somali region

27 Jun 2017 description

Key Issues

  • The Fall Armyworm infestation continues to destroy meher crops across 233 woredas in six regions, and it is spreading at an alarming rate.

  • First quarter Therapeutic Feeding Program admissions exceeded HRD projections.

  • The number of irregular Ethiopian migrants returning from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has reached 35,000 (of an estimated 750,000 irregular Ethiopians residing in KSA) as the Amnesty period ends this week.
    Government of Ethiopia is negotiating for an extension to the amnesty period.

22 May 2017 description

Key Issues

  • Partners encouraged to reprioritize water trucking amidst improving rains in drought-affected areas

  • Government and partners coordinating response to malaria outbreak and flooding in Gambella region.

  • PM calls on irregular Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia to return home within amnesty

14 Jan 2014 description

Following the decision of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deport “illegal” foreign workers, 154,837 Ethiopian men, women, and children have already arrived at Bole Airport carrying whatever they managed to salvage in sacks, cardboard boxes, and suitcases. They are returning home, either by force or voluntarily. All of them have come from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), where they lived and worked in all manner of jobs, such as domestic workers or nurses. Some were born there while others left Ethiopia when they were very young.

06 Jan 2014 description

Key Events

  • Since fighting broke out on 15 December 2013, some 5,287 South Sudanese arrived in Ethiopia. The Government refugee agency, ARRA, and UNHCR, with support from partners, are coordinating the humanitarian assistance to the new arrivals. The UNHCR contingency plan is for 30,000 refugees, 15,000 in Gambella and 15,000 Benishangul Gumuz.

23 Dec 2013 description

Key Events

  • IOM continues to face a funding gap to assist the Ethiopians repatriated from Saudi Arabia. Some 144,507 people were so far repatriated, nearly a fivefold increase on the 30,000 people initially expected to return.

  • An estimated 40,000 Kenyans crossed into Ethiopia’s Moyale woredas , fleeing inter-communal conflict in northern Kenya. An Incident Command Post (ICP), led by the DR MFSS, was established to co ordinate the humanitarian response.

16 Dec 2013 description

Key Events

  • Renewed inter-communal conflict in northern Kenya drives thousands into Ethiopia’s Moyale area. The Government and partners are assessing the situation to identify needs and plan for possible interventions.

  • The Ministry of health and health partners continue to respond to the on-going dengue fever and measles outbreaks.

  • IOM reports substantial funding gap to cover the costs for the post-arrival assistance being provided to the Ethiopians repatriated from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

06 Dec 2013 description

Ethiopia - IOM is appealing for USD 13.1 million to address the needs of a projected 120,000 returning Ethiopian migrants from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The numbers of the returning migrants is increasing rapidly and there is an urgent need to provide round the clock assistance. As of Thursday 5 December, over 100,000 migrants had been received by the Government of Ethiopia. Out of these, IOM provided direct assistance to over 90,000 individuals. The arrivals continue at over 7,000 migrants per day.