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31 Dec 2012 description


The United Nations Focal Point for Mine Action

UNMAS is the United Nations focal point for mine action. Fourteen entities are working together in the United Nations system to implement the United Nations vision of a world free from the threat of mine, and explosive remnants of war (ERW) including cluster munitions. UNMAS leads that effort in six key areas:

• Survey, mark, fence-off, and clear explosive hazards, including mines, ERW, cluster munitions

31 Dec 2012 description

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin s'est améliorée dans le Sahel d'Afrique de l'ouest avec la diminution des effectifs acridiens en décembre suite aux opérations de lutte au Niger et en Mauritanie et au dessèchement de la végétation.

30 Dec 2012 description

This seventh edition of the Yearbook of Peace Processes analyses conflicts in which negotiations are being held to reach a peace agreement, regardless of whether these negotiations are formalised, are in the exploratory phase, are faring well or, to the contrary, are stalled or in the midst of crisis. It also analyses some cases in which negotiations or explorations are partial; that is, they do not include all the armed groups present in the country (such as the case of India, for example).

30 Dec 2012 description

En esta séptima edición del Anuario de Procesos de Paz se analizan los conflictos en los que se llevan a cabo negociaciones para llegar a un acuerdo de paz, con independencia de que estas negociaciones estén formalizadas, se encuentren en fase exploratoria, transcurran satisfactoriamente o, por el contrario, se encuentren estancadas o en plena crisis. Se incluye un capítulo sobre Colombia, por hacerse una edición colombiana de este anuario.

26 Dec 2012 description

Essaims et bandes sur la côte de la mer Rouge

19 Dec 2012 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-seventh General Assembly
59th Meeting (AM)

In other Action, adds South Sudan to Least Developed Countries List, Reaffirms Support for Kimberley Process, Welcomes Cooperation with la Francophonie

04 Dec 2012 description

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin est restée préoccupante en novembre avec la formation de petits essaims au Mali, au Niger et au Tchad et le déplacement de groupes d'ailés au Nord vers la Libye, la Tunisie et l'Algérie.

03 Dec 2012 description
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General Situation during November 2012
Forecast until mid-January 2013

23 Nov 2012 description

Desert Locust threat extends to additional countries

In the past week, Desert Locust infestations have been reported in Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia while increased activity occurred in Niger, Mauritania and Sudan.

13 Nov 2012 description
report UN News Service

12 November 2012 – Lors d'un entretien lundi avec le Ministre des affaires étrangères espagnol, l'Envoyé personnel du Secrétaire général pour le Sahara occidental, Christopher Ross, a déclaré qu'un statu quo concernant le statut final du Sahara occidental était « insoutenable » et « dangereux » dans le contexte de la montée de l'extrémisme, du terrorisme et de la criminalité organisée dans la région du Sahel.

« Le conflit sur le statut final du Sahara occidental dure depuis 37 ans, donc depuis bien trop longtemps », a affirmé M. Ross dans un communiqué de presse.

13 Nov 2012 description
report UN News Service

12 November 2012 – Amid the rising threat of extremist elements in Africa’s Sahel region, the dispute over Western Sahara must be resolved before lingering hostilities consume the North African country and plunge the entire region into renewed conflict, the United Nations top official on the issue warned today.

05 Nov 2012 description

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin demeure préoccupante puisque les ailés de deuxième génération forment de petits essaims au Tchad et des groupes au Niger. Une situation similaire est probable dans le nord du Mali mais n’a pu être confirmé en raison de l’insécurité.

05 Nov 2012 description

The Security Council’s work programme for November will be packed not only with discussions of difficult situations around the world, but also with business not completed at the end of last month, the Permanent Representative of India, which holds the body’s presidency for the month, told correspondents at Headquarters this afternoon.

30 Oct 2012 description

Opérations de lutte en cours au Niger et au Tchad

26 Oct 2012 description

Control operations underway in Niger and Chad

As the seasonal rains have ended in the Sahel and vegetation is drying out, Desert Locusts are concentrating and increasing in density in the few areas that are still green. Although current control operations are reducing locust numbers and infestations in Niger and Chad, migration to Northwest Africa is imminent, albeit on a smaller scale, since it is difficult to find and control all locust infestations in the northern Sahel.

16 Oct 2012 description

The intra-state conflict between Morocco and Western Sahara has been unaffected by the Arab Spring and remains neglected by the wider international community. This situation, argues Carne Ross, has allowed the humanitarian situation and prospects for peace in Western Sahara to continue drifting aimlessly.

By Carne Ross for Middle East Institute (MEI)

12 Oct 2012 description

ALERTE: formation d’essaims de Criquet pèlerin au Sahel

12 Oct 2012 description

DESERT LOCUST WARNING! Swarms forming in the Sahel

Desert Locust swarms are present in Chad and should start forming shortly in Niger and Mali. The swarms are expected to move towards North-West Africa in the coming weeks. Although unusually favourable ecological conditions allowed two generations of breeding this summer, the rains have ended and vegetation is drying out. This will cause locusts to concentrate and group in those areas that are still green in the Sahel and form hopper bands and swarms during the remainder of October and in November.