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09 Nov 2018 description

Message from our Regional Director

Despite numerous humanitarian challenges in 2017 in Africa, there were also a number of heart-warming accomplishments. A case in point, was when a local response of Red Crescent teams—and other partners—curbed Somalia's cholera outbreak through the power of local volunteers and shared international expertise. In terms of support to our members, 36 National Societies were able to kick start initiatives that built their capacity through seed grants.

05 Jul 2018 description

Our Message

While there is room for disagreement about migration policy, the humanitarian imperative means that we must never needlessly sacrifice the survival and dignity of any vulnerable people, including migrants.

03 Apr 2018 description

In 2017, the ICRC worked to address the needs of vulnerable groups and individuals, partnering with national bodies in order to do so as effectively as possible. Attention to humanitarian affairs in Ethiopia was understandably focused on the response to internally displaced persons and drought.

27 Feb 2017 description

A. Summary of the current situation

Migration trends

As of 8 February 2017, there have been 11,233 new arrivals to Greece, Italy and Bulgaria, as countries of first arrival to Europe, including more than 9,000 to Italy. This is an increase for Italy of almost one third against the same period in 2016.

22 Dec 2016 description

1. Summary

In November 2015, more than 1,000 Cuban nationals were reported to be camped out at the Paso Canoas border crossing with Panama. In view of requirements for entering the country and the fact that these migrants did not meet them, a significant amount of people began to congregate in this border community, taking to living in the streets while they waited for a solution to their immigration status. The Costa Rican government issued permits allowing migrants to enter the country and continue on their way to the United States.

22 Nov 2016 description

By Swedish Red Cross

One in three Syrian refugees suffers from depression, anxiety, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, a Swedish Red Cross study has found.

Mental health problems are common among newly-resettled refugees and asylum seekers searching for safety in in Sweden, especially among those from war-torn Syria. Disturbingly, as many as 30 per cent of Syrian refugees report that they have experienced some form of torture in the past.

30 Sep 2016 description

A. Situation Analysis

Description of the Disaster

The migration phenomenon has increased worldwide in recent years due to armed conflict, violence, economic crises and the desire for family reunification. It is believed that 3.4 per cent of the world's population is living outside its country of origin; this represents more than 247 million people.

19 Aug 2016 description

Traditional rules of warfare, the conduct of hostilities, and the categories of people and objects protected during war were among the issues discussed at a round table for academics that concluded this week in Nairobi, Kenya.

The discussion, organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), sought to engage participants on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), a set of rules that seek to limit the effects of armed conflict as well identify best practices in teaching the subject in institutions of higher learning.

29 Apr 2016 description

Mendefera, 29 April 2016- The head of the water supply service in the Southern region, Mr. Kibrom Misgina indicated that within the 25 years of independence 79% of the residents of the region have become beneficiaries of potable water.

He also said that there are water points including 80 working with motor pumps, 96 with solar system, 404 with hand pumps and 29 with electricity power. The potable water supply has increases 10 folds since independence.

31 Mar 2016 description

For the residents of Adi Ashker – a small village in Eritrea of 1,000 people - livestock means everything. The community's ability to survive largely depends on the well-being of their sheep, goats and cattle. In addition, a family's wealth is directly tied to the number of animals they own, so keeping livestock fit and free from disease and parasites helps keep the whole community secure and resilient to external shocks.

23 Mar 2016 description

Tears streamed down Lemlem's cheeks the whole day after returning to Ethiopia. Why so many tears? Her return voyage from Eritrea allowed Lemlem to reunite with her daughter after being apart for 18 years and to meet the sister and brother she had never met before.

Lemlem hadn't seen Merhawit since the girl was 2.

14 Mar 2016 description

The ICRC opened its delegation in Eritrea in 1998 and worked throughout the 1998-2000 armed conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia and beyond, protecting and assisting people affected by the conflict.

Below is an overview of the ICRC's work in Eritrea during 2015.

  • 1,500 Red Cross Messages messages distributed and answers collected throughout the year to re-establish and maintain contact and exchange family news.

01 Mar 2016 description

This week, 28 asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan who are staying in the "Cholot" facility arrived at the MDA station in Beersheba for special first aid training.

06 Feb 2016 description

Eritreans living in the border village of Aytera know how hard life can be. During the 1998–2000 war between Ethiopia and Eritrea most fled to makeshift camps. Since the conflict ended, they have been rebuilding their lives from the ashes of war.

Aytera's 600 residents depend heavily on their crops and farm animals to survive. This is a test in itself, but the biggest challenge to life in this region – known as Gash Barka, situated in the southwest of the country – is water.

04 Jan 2016 description

By Sam Smith, British Red Cross

British and French Red Cross volunteers have carried out a joint aid operation to help refugees and migrants in northern France. Volunteers and staff from both National Societies have distributed 1,300 parcels of emergency supplies in five camps.

Conditions in the camps are squalid and people have little protection from the winter weather.

The largest of the camps visited by Red Cross teams was in Grand-Synthe, close to Dunkirk.

10 Nov 2015 description
report Cruz Roja Española

Cruz Roja acoge también a cuatro mujeres refugiadas eritreas de los primeros 12 refugiados reubicados en España el pasado domingo. 150 voluntarios y voluntarias de Cruz Roja intervienen en este programa (trabajadores sociales, abogados, psicólogos, mediadores, técnicos de empleo, etc).

Cruz Roja ha atendido este año a 6.500 personas solicitantes de protección internacional y refugiados a través de diferentes programas de acogida e integración. Es prácticamente la misma cifra que las personas atendidas durante todo 2014. Y el número sigue creciendo.