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20 Apr 2018 description
report Radio Dabanga

Police in eastern Sudan have raided places where 25 illegal immigrants, most of them from Eritrea, were being held hostage by a human trafficking gang. The immigrants have been taken into custody.

The human trafficking gangs in Port Sudan, capital of Red Sea state, held 25 hostages including 18 girls in apartments in the city.

Two of the hostages were injured as they were trying to jump from the balcony of the apartment where they had been held, on Wednesday evening. They have been taken to the emergency section of the Port Sudan hospital.

09 Sep 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Police in Kassala detained fifteen Eritrean refugees and prepares to bring them to trial, for illegally entering eastern Sudan.

On Tuesday the police arrested the group of Eritrean asylum seekers during border control activities. The group is being held in a prison in Kassala, awaiting trial, a source from Kassala told Radio Dabanga yesterday.

05 Sep 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Sudanese courts deported 104 Eritrean refugees in August, and sentenced others to imprisonment for their 'illegal infiltration into the Sudanese territory'. A group of refugees was detained on its way to Libya more than a month ago.

Forty-four of the 104 Eritreans deported by courts in Khartoum and Kassala were women, sources informed Radio Dabanga. 43 people remain in Omdurman, awaiting trial.

01 Sep 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Human trafficking gangs in eastern Sudan have freed 22 Eritrean refugees, including three girls, who were kidnapped in mid-August after reportedly receiving a ransom ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 per person.

21 Aug 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Residents of Red Sea state in eastern Sudan reported an increase in crimes concerning refugees and asylum seekers, including kidnappings, in the region.

“The number of abductions for ransom is rapidly increasing in eastern Sudan,” listener Ali Muneeb told Radio Dabanga.

“The number of unlicensed vehicles and motorcycles without plates is growing accordingly” he said. “Some of these vehicles belong to the regular forces, while other cars have been smuggled into the country from neighbouring countries, such as the Boko Haram vehicles from Libya and Chad.”

05 Jul 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

On Monday, unidentified gunmen seized 18 Eritrean refugees from the Refugee Commission office in Kassala, and took them to an unknown destination.

“Three heavily armed men stormed the reception centre of the Refugee Commission office in Kassala town, and tied up the guards. They then forced 18 refugees from Eritrea to embark a Hilux at gunpoint and left,” a source told Radio Dabanga.

“The reception centre was crowded with refugees waiting for the completion of their papers for the transfer to the El Shajarab camp,” he said.

06 Jul 2016 description
report Radio Dabanga

Sudanese paramilitary forces have announced the arrest of more than 300 illegal immigrants who were heading to Libya across the desert in the Northern state. The forces have been deployed to combat human and drugs trafficking by criminal networks.

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) arrested the immigrants when combing the western desert on the Sudanese-Libyan border, Commander Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Hemeti told the pro-government television channel Al Shrooq on Monday.

21 Nov 2013 description
report Radio Dabanga

KHARTOUM (20 Nov.) - Desert locusts are gathering north-west of Khartoum and along the Atbara river. The swarms, expected to move towards the Red Sea coast, are a potential danger to crops in the next few months.

Clouds of locusts can finish-off the remaining crops. Ground teams in Sudan have treated more than 2,200 hectares so far in November. However, more adult locust swarms are expected to move from the interior to the Red Sea coast in the coming weeks.