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19 Jan 2018 description
report The Guardian

When Ella and her cousin reached a refugee camp in Sudan, it seemed to herald safety. Instead, it was the start of an all too familiar ordeal

It was right at the moment Ella thought she was safe that she was kidnapped.

The 17-year-old had just entered eastern Sudan’s Wad Sherife refugee camp with her teenage cousin. The girls had been walking for days, in a desperate bid to escape compulsory, indefinite military service in their birth country Eritrea, which begins as soon as school ends.

19 Oct 2016 description
report The Guardian

Legal ruling identifies risk of serious harm to returning Eritreans after MPs condemn ‘inexcusable’ delay in revising existing guidance

Karen McVeigh

The Home Office will alter its much-criticised policy on Eritrean asylum seekers, after a legal ruling found that the majority of those fleeing the country risk persecution or serious harm on returning.

18 Sep 2016 description
report The Guardian

Abraham T Zere

Today marks a bleak date in the country’s history, when a paranoid elite began a brutal campaign to cement its grip on power

Exactly 15 years ago, Eritrea’s hard-won independence was hijacked by a paranoid political elite who have clung to power ever since.

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30 Oct 2015 description
report The Guardian

Show host Meron Estefanos helps refugees navigate everything from the perilous Mediterranean sea crossing to Europe’s complex asylum process

“They don’t realise how cold it can get, sleeping in a tent. But you go with whatever you can afford,” says Meron Estefanos of the impending winter weather soon to hit refugees stranded across Europe. “When you’re desperate, what else can you do?”

09 Oct 2015 description
report The Guardian

UN security council to assess expert report on alleged support for subversive activity as EU moots possibility of increasing aid to tackle migration problem

The UN security council will meet on Friday to consider a report on Eritrea’s alleged support for subversion across the Horn of Africa. The report, by the UN Monitoring Group on Eritrea and Somalia, will play an important part in the global body’s decision on whether to continue sanctions against the Eritrean regime.

18 Aug 2015 description
report The Guardian

Moved by the plight of migrants making the perilous crossing, one man has joined a rescue boat to help

Darwit was one of the lucky ones. Ten years ago he left Eritrea on a UN scholarship to study in South Africa, and now he lives and works in London after being granted political asylum.

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06 May 2015 description
report The Guardian

Robel Tesfahannes spends his days looking for work in Juba. An Eritrean who recently arrived in South Sudan after six years in Tel Aviv, Tesfahannes is one of a new wave of refugees forced out of Israel by the country’s increasingly tough stance towards migrants.

He is covered in tattoos, including a message on his right arm to Israelis: “I hate them but I can’t live without them.” Tesfahannes says that with “no money I have no aims. But you have to keep moving, always. I live risk to risk.”

21 Apr 2015 description
report The Guardian

Eritrea’s climate of repression, violence and paranoia – and its indefinite national service – is prompting hundreds of people to flee every day

Like many of her fellow Eritrean refugees, Sofia, who managed to escape northwards to Cairo, has a very simple reason for fleeing her homeland. “In Eritrea you’re even afraid to talk to your family,” she says. “The person next to me [in a cafe] could be a spy, and they are looking at what you are doing. People disappear every day.”

21 Oct 2014 description
report The Guardian

More than 3,000 minors may have fallen victim to forced labour and sexual exploitation after vanishing from homes and shelters

Thousands of migrant children are disappearing after arriving in mainland Europe, triggering concerns that they are falling prey to a new and thriving market for child trafficking and forced labour.

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18 Jul 2014 description
report The Guardian

French police arrested more than 7,400 migrants trying to cross Channel to Britain in first six months of year

French police arrested more than 7,400 migrants in Calais trying to make their way across the Channel to Britain in the first six months of this year.

The figure is more than double the 3,129 arrested in the same period last year. In the first fortnight of July alone officers detained 1,200 migrants in Calais, the local police prefecture said on Friday.

25 Mar 2014 description
report The Guardian

Researchers collaborate with health officials to plan vaccination campaigns after discovering how to predict seasonal outbreaks.

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03 Jun 2013 description
report The Guardian

Israel plans to send thousands of African migrants to an unidentified country, according to a court document, in an attempt to address one of Israel's more pressing issues: what to do with an influx of roughly 60,000 African migrants who have sneaked into Israel from Egypt over the past eight years.

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24 Sep 2012 description
report The Guardian

The Persian Gulf, Libya, and Pakistan are at high risk of food insecurity in coming decades because climate change and ocean acidification are destroying fisheries, according to a report released on Monday.

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05 Sep 2012 description
report The Guardian

Civil rights group condemns Israel's refusal to allow entry to group 'begging for their lives'

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17 Jul 2012 description
report The Guardian

Refugees smuggled with arms from Eritrea to Sinai face weeks of torture as captives of criminal gangs – under noses of the UN

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31 Aug 2011 description
report The Guardian

by Damian Carrington

It is a graphic demonstration of the sickening, symbiotic relationship between hunger and conflict and highlights food supply problems from Somalia to India to Spain

A new map of food security risk around the world is, in some ways, depressingly familiar. Sub-saharan Africa leaps out as the place where the most people fear for their next meal, while the rich world has more to fear from obesity. But there's plenty of salutary reminders and fascinating detail, like India's food problems and the vulnerability of Spain.

11 Aug 2011 description
report The Guardian

There is an urgent need to learn the lessons from Ethiopia and to build resilience in the region to enable it to cope with the severe drought it faces every few years

08 Aug 2011 description
report The Guardian

It's impossible to answer with a simple yes or no – but here's a summary of what we think we know so far

So is famine in the Horn of Africa linked to climate change or not? The question arises whenever "extreme weather events" – hurricanes, floods, droughts – hit our TV screens. It's impossible to answer with a simple yes or no – but here's what we think we know so far.

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