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10 Jul 2007 description

NCA target: US$ 42,510

NCA cover: US$ 42,508

Geneva, 10 July 2007

Dear Colleagues,

This revision of activities under appeal AFER61 only contains the NCA component.

25 Jul 2005 description

LWF Target: US$ 952,470

LWF Cover: US$ 952,470

Geneva, 24 July 2007

Dear Colleagues,

This revision of activities and extension of the implementing period only contains the LWF component.

LWF has asked for an extension of the implementing period until 31 December 2007 which was granted by ACT CO on 10 July 2007.

08 Mar 2004 description

Appeal Target: US$ 2,255,562

Geneva, 8 March 2005

Dear Colleagues,

20 Jan 2004 description

Appeal Target: US$ 3,358,344
Geneva, 20 January 2003

Dear Colleagues,

17 Feb 2003 description

Geneva, 17 February 2003 - Further delays in international humanitarian response to the drought situation in Eritrea could turn the current crisis into an appalling cycle of hunger and desperation warned the Lutheran World Federation/World Service (LWF/WS) in Eritrea - a member of the global alliance, Action by Churches Together (ACT) International.

30 Jan 2003 description

Appeal Target: US$ 662,061
Geneva, 30 January 2003

Dear Colleagues,

11 Dec 2002 description

Geneva, December 11, 2002 - After four years of erratic and at times, complete lack of rains, a drought is threatening the lives of nearly a third of Eritrea's population. Of the 3,3 million Eritreans, 1,4 million people are facing one of the worst food crises this small country has experienced.

08 Jan 2002 description

Appeal Target: US$ 655,828
Geneva, 8 January 2002

Dear Colleagues,

The number of refugees in the Kakuma Refugee Camp has increased from 70,958 to 82,312 (16%) during 2000/2001 and this figure is expected to reach 90,000 in the year 2002. The majority of the refugees (66%) in the camp are from South Sudan, fleeing the escalating war in their country. The second largest group are Somali refugees accounting for 15% and the rest are from 6 other countries namely; Ethiopia, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Eritrea.

03 May 2001 description

Appeal Target: US$ 5,161,555
Balance Requested from ACT Network: US$ 4,941,303

Geneva, 3 May 2001

Dear Colleagues,

23 Mar 2001 description

Appeal Target: US$ 696,545
Geneva, 23 March 2001

Dear Colleagues,

As the number of refugees, mainly from the southern Sudan continue to flow into Kenya, LWF continues to be the lead agency in the Kakuma refugee camp in providing basic humanitarian needs in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

05 Dec 2000 description

Appeal Target: US$ 1,772,660
Geneva, 5 December 2000

Dear Colleagues,

15 Jun 2000 description

Appeal Target: US$ 7,621,303
Geneva, 15 June 2000

Dear Colleagues,

This Appeal is a revision of AFER-01 War and Famine Relief issued on 25 May 2000 with ACT member the Lutheran World Federation/Department of World Service (LWF/DWS) - Eritrea. Besides the LWS Eritrea component, this revision now also includes ACT member Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) - Eritrea.

15 Jun 2000 description

Geneva, June 15, 2000
While the immediate risk of a widespread famine in Ethiopia may be decreasing, hundreds of thousands of new Eritrean displaced and refugees have added to the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa.