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24 Apr 2002 description

Polio Free In 2005
A house-to-house campaign was launched to vaccinate children under the age of five against polio in Somali Region.
Major Stakeholders Meet in Tigray
Major stakeholders met in Tigray to review recovery programme progress in Tigray and Afar.

East Hararghe in Need of Seeds for the belg
Preliminary findings indicate a shortage of seeds in areas of East Hararghe.

Flood Affects Thousands
Dupti wereda was flooded in Afar Regional State.

Testing to Verify Presence of RVF

16 Jan 2002 description

AIDS orphans approach one million
The number of AIDS orphans in Ethiopia has approached the one million mark.

Tigray/Afar Mine Risk Education activities threatened
Activities implemented by RaDO and supported by UNICEF face imminent reduction in operations due to lack of funds.

Weather Update
FEWS reports on the belg weather outlook, unseasonable rains, and meher crop dependent areas

30 Nov 2001 description

DPPC-led emergency needs assessment

17 teams taking part in the annual government-led Year 2001 Meher pre-harvest and pastoral area food needs assessment left Addis Ababa for the field since November 21st.

FAO/WFP assessment mission

The FAO/WFP Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission (CFSAM) is a joint effort by FAO and WFP working with MoA to predict the annual crop and food supply situation in Ethiopia.

Food pipeline

31 Oct 2001 description

Malaria Situation in Ethiopia
About 68% of the 62 million population of the Ethiopia are at risk to malaria infection.

Annual Crop Assessment
WFP and FAO are planning to launch the annual the Assessment of Crop Production and Food Availability In Ethiopia.

Task Force to Launch Quick Action Project
The newly established Task Force in SNRS is on mission for drawing up a contingency plan for emergency and to explore IDP situation.

26 Sep 2001 description

Horn of Africa Drought Situation
If the October rains are as poor as the 'Gu' rains in the spring, conditions will become critical in Northern Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopian Somali region and North West Eritrea.

Increasing Emergency Water Needs
Increasing emergency water needs have been highlighted in Warder, Degehbour, Gode, Afder and Liben zones of Somali Region.

Food Pipeline
Taking into consideration carry-over stocks and recently confirmed pledges available for distribution in 2001, almost 55,000 tons of cereals remain unresourced.

15 Aug 2001 description

Focus on HIV/AIDS
Today, close to 9 % of the sexually active adult population in Ethiopia are infected with AIDS.

Crop Pests
The Ministry of Agriculture using DLCO-EA Aircraft continued a quelea control operation on some 8.7 million birds. Sorghum chaffer control operation was also carried out on 19,500 hectares of crop and non crop plants.

Afar Region
Although 2001 seems to be a good year so far, Afar pastoralists remain vulnerable for various reasons.

Somali Region

28 Jun 2001 description

Food Aid Pipeline

Drought Affected Farming and Pastoral Populations

Distributions for people in the most food insecure areas of Ethiopia in August and September are threatened by a lack of sufficient resources pledged to WFP and the Government of Ethiopia. Some NGOs are also facing shortage of resources.

Pastoralists in Somali Region and other parts of the south, whose recovery process has hardly begun, are now facing continuing drought conditions and will need further support.

17 May 2001 description

Meningitis Outbreak Passes Peak
The peak of the epidemic was observed in March. From then there has been a steady decrease in the number of cases.

Unidentified Cattle Disease Outbreak
An unidentified cattle disease has broken out in Oromiya Region causing blindness.

Civilian Ethiopian Mine Action Office to Begin Staffing
The civilian Ethiopian Mine Action Office is finalizing organizational plans and hopes to begin appointing staff in the next week.

16 Mar 2001 description

WHO: Meningitus Outbreaks Intensifying

Between October 2000 and 1 March 2001, a total of 1,900 cases and 141 deaths were reported from Meningococcal Meningitus. UNICEF is now considering the procurement of additional vaccines while WHO is procuring 10,000 vials or 500,000 doses and has submitted proposals through WHO/HQ to ECHO and OFDA.

One on One with Bronek Szynalski, Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Horn

21 Feb 2001 description

Djibouti Prime Minister resigns after 22 years.

UNMEE begins radio broadcasts in Eritrea.

EU signs 76 million Euro agreement.

World Bank approves US$ 473 million loan for reconstruction and rehabilitation of war displaced, for demobilization, landmine clearing and to address HIV/AIDS epidemic.

WFP appeals for US$ 135 million to avert food crisis threatening 2.9 million people.

IMF withholds US$ 205 million in budgetary support for Kenya.


20 Feb 2001 description

Ethiopian and Eritrean Military Delegates in Agreement

An agreement was reached between the Ethiopian and Eritrean delegations to move forward with the establishment of the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ).

Meningitis Outbreaks Reported in Five Regions

Meningococcal meningitis outbreaks in the country began in late January.

Wild Food Plants in Ethiopia

An intensive study was undertaken on famine and wild foods in Ethiopia.

MSF-Holland Assists IDPs and Drought-Affected