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10 May 2006 description

As the drought on Africa's Horn deepens, in Eritrea malnutrition levels may have passed 20%. "We are working to help as many people as we possibly can," says Berte-Marie Ulveseter in Asmara.

By Laurie MacGregor in Eritrea

Little information exists as to what extent Eritrea's population has been affected by the current drought, but the few private studies that have been carried out paint an alarming picture: more than 20% of the country's estimated 4 million inhabitants are undernourished.

21 Feb 2006 description

Roughly 11 million people are currently threatened with starvation in Eastern Africa. "These people have waited two years for rain to fall, and cannot wait any longer," says Kari Øyen.

The region has been affected by serious drought since late 2005 when the short rainy season failed, leaving water reserves dry and forcing the population to ration the little water they have available yet more strictly. The crisis stretches across large areas of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania.

19 Jan 2006 description

A lack of rain during the autumn has brought terrible consequences in Eastern Africa where currently more than 11 million people are estimated to now require food and other forms of aid urgently.