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09 Oct 1998 description
report Africa News Service

by Ghion Hagos, PANA Staff Correspondent

09 Oct 1998 description

ADDIS ABABA, Oct 9 (Reuters) - U.S. envoy Anthony Lake left the Horn of Africa for Washington on Friday after two days of shuttle diplomacy aimed at ending a border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea, government officials said.

Lake -- a former U.S.

08 Oct 1998 description

Relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia have remained tense since hostilities broke out in May 1998, and the ICRC has continuously maintained its assistance to those affected by the conflict situation. In Eritrea, following its visit to a group of prisoners of war immediately before their repatriation to Ethiopia at the end of August, the ICRC has started to visit civilian internees in various places of detention. It is pursuing its efforts to gain access to all prisoners of war. In Ethiopia, the ICRC has continued its regular visits to all prisoners of war and to civilian internees.

06 Oct 1998 description

Paris, October 6 {No.98-214} - UNESCO Director-General Federico Mayor today expressed great concern over the danger of an escalation in the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia and urged the governments of both countries to end their armed dispute and reach a peaceful settlement of their differences.

04 Oct 1998 description
report Xinhua

KHARTOUM (Oct. 4) XINHUA - The Sudanese government has lodged a complaint with U.N. Security Council against Uganda for its aggression against Sudanese territory, and Eritrea for being an accomplice.

02 Oct 1998 description
report UN General Assembly

General Assembly Plenary - Extract from Press Release GA/9463 25th Meeting (AM) 2 October 1998

30 Sep 1998 description

A border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea has resulted in the displacement of an estimated 150,000 Ethiopians and 100,000 Eritreans since early May.

27 Sep 1998 description

Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia

25 Sep 1998 description

Two children died and 12 people were injured -- among them a medical officer with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) -- in renewed shelling along the Sudanese border with Eritrea last Friday. The SRCS worker, Mohammed Saeed Houffon, 30, is in hospital in Khartoum with serious facial injuries and is thought to have lost the sight in one eye. Shells landed on the Wad Sherifai camp, the second time in four monthsit's been hit. The camp, 20 km from the town of Kassala, houses 34,000 Eritrean refugees.

24 Sep 1998 description

By Alexander Last

ZALAMBESSA, Eritrea/Ethiopia border, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Life goes on in the town on the disputed border between Ethiopia and Eritrea - despite the crackle of Kalashnikov rifles on a nearby firing range and the distant boom of artillery.

Belts, laces and polish are displayed in stores alongside biscuits vegetables and spices.

31 Aug 1998 description

Basic Facts
What we do

Prepare for the resumption of the repatriation and reintegration of Eritrean refugees from the Sudan, which is now on hold.

Who we help

119,824 Eritrean refugees are assisted in camps by UNHCR. There are a total of 315,030 Eritreans in the Sudan.

Our requirements

US$ 2,680,301 (Note: for revisions to this figure, see the 1998 Mid-Year Progress Report, published in August 1998).

Our offices

Eritrea: Asmara and Tesseney.
Sudan: Khartoum, Es Showak and Port Sudan.

28 Aug 1998 description

The government of Eritrea Friday released 71 Ethiopian soldiers captured in the border conflict between the two countries, saying the group constituted the first batch.

21 Aug 1998 description
report Oxfam

Armed conflict over disputed territories between Eritrea and Ethiopia has triggered a humanitarian crisis in terms of displacement. In spite of a present stand-off between the two countries tension exists and shows no clear signs of lessening.

11 Aug 1998 description

Consolidated UN report prepared by the Information Section of the UNDP Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia from information and reports provided by specialised UN agencies, media sources, the Government and NGOs.

Despite the failure to achieve a diplomatic breakthrough in the boundary dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea no further serious incidents of fighting are reported, however, both countries continue to mobilise;

14 Jul 1998 description

GENEVA, 14 July 1998 - The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) will continue its humanitarian aid in Eritrea for another 12 months. The extension was agreed upon in talks between LWF General Secretary Ishmael Noko and Eritrean state authorities on July 10 in Asmara. The LWF World Service (LWF-WS) program will be the only non-governmental (NGO) program active in Eritrea.