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31 Dec 2010 description

Bordeli, 31 December 2010 - A newly implemented potable water supply project in Bordeli administrative area, Northern Red Sea region, at a cost of about 2.6 million Nakfa has been inaugurated.

The project is expected to provide reliable potable water supply to over 2,000 families. It involves a solar-energy and drill operating well, 2 ponds with the capacity of holding 25 cubic meters of water each and 2 water distribution stations, as well as the installation of about 4 Km-long water pipelines.

The director general of infrastructure development department in the region, Mr.

31 Dec 2010 description

Key Messages

Favourable production prospects for 2010 main season cereal crops.

The political situation in the country remains tense.

International agencies agree on severe and extremely high food insecurity throughout the country.

The government is investing to increase production and social welfare.

31 Dec 2010 description

Abstract: This is the first paper using household survey data from two countries involved in an international war (Eritrea and Ethiopia) to measure the conflict’s impact on children’s health in both nations. The identification strategy uses event data to exploit exogenous variation in the conflict’s geographic extent and timing and the exposure of different children’s birth cohorts to the fighting. The paper uniquely incorporates GPS information on the distance between survey villages and conflict sites to more accurately measure a child’s war exposure.

30 Dec 2010 description

Molqui, 30 December 2010 - Reports say that bumper harvest has been registered in Molqui sub-zone as a result of concerted popular effort.

Speaking at an assessment meeting, the Administrator of the sub-zone, Mr. Kidane Woldeselasie, pointed out that the farming community has managed to carry out impressive harvesting activity.

According to reports, the local inhabitants undertook satisfactory soil and water conservation activities in 18 administrative areas of the sub-zone through investing more than 6 million Nakfa.

29 Dec 2010 description

Afambo, 29 December 2010 - The implementation of potable water supply project in Afambo semi-urban center, Central Denkalia sub-zone, in 2009 is playing major role in ensuring the wellbeing and socio-economic activities of the inhabitants.

Mothers in the area said that the inhabitants, especially children are now relieved of the diseases they used to suffer thanks to the implementation of potable water supply project in their respective area.

28 Dec 2010 description


- Thousands of individuals continue to return by road, rail, barge, and plane from northern Sudan to their homelands in Southern Sudan and the Three Areas of Southern Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Abyei. As of December 28, relief agencies had verified the return of 105,334 people in government-organized and spontaneous movements since October 30.

- The humanitarian community continues to prepare for and respond to humanitarian needs associated with population movements. U.N.

23 Dec 2010 description

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During its participation in the Security Council over the last two years, Mexico had focused on strengthening the role of conflict prevention and resolution; the promotion and protection of human rights and international humanitarian law; and enhancing transparency of the Council, the country's Permanent Representative, Claude Heller, said today at Headquarters.

Briefing correspondents on Mexico's work in the primary body …

22 Dec 2010 description

Foro, 22 December 2010 - Members of the farming community in Foro sub-zone are constructing water catchments and embankments at a cost of over 1.3 million Nakfa with a view to raising productivity through conserving soil and water.

They stated that river waters flowing to the sea have now been diverted for agricultural purposes as a result of the machinery-backed campaign in which the inhabitants are employing their labor and money. The farmers went on to say that they are working round the clock as the agricultural activities heavily depend on river waters.

20 Dec 2010 description
report UN Security Council

Security Council


6457th Meeting* (AM)

The outgoing members of the Security Council =97 Austria, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and Uganda =97 delivered briefings this morning on the work of subsidiary bodies they had chaired during their two-year tenure.

Austria's Representative reported on the Committee established pursuant to resolution 1591 (2005), which had placed sanctions on those "impeding the peace process" in Darfur, as well as the Informal Working Group on International Tribunals.

The representative of Japan described the activities of the Committee …

20 Dec 2010 description

Adi-Keih, 20 December 2010 - The Southern regional Administration, in coordination with the general public and partners, is implementing various programs in Adi-Keih and Segeneiti sub-zones aimed at achieving food security through introducing irrigation farming.

Agricultural experts in the region told ERINA that fruits and vegetables farming are being widely introduced through enriching underground water resource. Gardening tools have also been extended to each farmer so as to expand such farming activities.

15 Dec 2010 description

Les différents travaux sur la sécurité des acteurs humanitaires classent la Somalie parmi les contextes opérationnels les plus dangereux du Monde avec l’Afghanistan, le Darfour et, depuis peu, le Tchad.

Le danger est en effet permanent pour les acteurs et ces derniers ont payé un prix élevé pour leur engagement auprès des populations somaliennes. Si le nombre d’incidents a diminué entre 2009 et 2008, passant d’environ 120 incidents sérieux à 70, c’est essentiellement lié à la diminution très forte de la présence des humanitaires sur le terrain.

14 Dec 2010 description
report UNIDO

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

VIENNA, 14 December 2010 - The Government of Japan will fund UNIDO projects worth a total of over USD 10.6 million in Africa, including in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan, as well as in Afghanistan.

The projects aim to provide vocational training and equipment for productive activities to help increase employment opportunities and income generation to vulnerable groups, especially those affected by natural disasters.

The partnership was sealed in Vienna today by the Permanent Representative of …

13 Dec 2010 description

Refugees and asylum seekers escaping conflict, genocide, famine, and torture face an extremely difficult journey. Thousands set out from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, and other African countries in search of safety and protection, passing through Egypt, where their situation remains hostile and insecure. Once arriving in Israel, they are immediately detained, often for several weeks, months, and sometimes even years.

09 Dec 2010 description
report Human Rights Watch

Rescue People Held for Ransom From Sinai Hideouts, Prosecute Captors

(New York, December 9, 2010) - Egyptian authorities should rescue migrants held for ransom and abused by human traffickers in the Sinai desert, Human Rights Watch said today.

07 Dec 2010 description

UNHCR is concerned about a group of some 250 Eritreans who have been held hostage for about a month by traffickers in the Sinai, Egypt.

UNHCR has very limited information about this group. We have noted media reports that the traffickers are demanding payments of US$8,000 per person for their release, that people are being held in containers and are subject to abuses, and that some may have been held for months.

We are, at this time, in contact with the Egyptian government over this matter.

03 Dec 2010 description

Situation Générale en novembre 2010

Prévision jusqu'à'mi-janvier 2011

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin reste préoccupante au Soudan. Malgré les efforts en lutte du mois de novembre, des ailés ont formé de petits groupes qui se sont déplacés vers le nord-est du Soudan o=F9 ils ont pondu, tandis que plusieurs autres groupes ont traversé la mer Rouge en direction de la côte septentrionale de l'Arabie saoudite. Si de bonnes pluies tombent dans ces deux pays, les effectifs acridiens pourraient augmenter rapidement et menacer la région.

02 Dec 2010 description
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General Situation during November 2010
Forecast until mid-January 2011

01 Dec 2010 description

Asmara, 1 December 2010 - The spread of HIV/AIDS infection in Eritrea continues to decline, stated Dr. Andeberhan Tesfatsion, director of national HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis control department in the Health Ministry.

In an interview he conducted with ERINA in connection with World AIDS Day, he pointed out that the infection is declining from year to year thanks to the campaign being undertaken to raise societal awareness.