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31 Dec 2007 description
report UN Security Council

I am writing with reference to the letter from the President of the Security Council addressed to the Secretary-General dated 31 May 2006 (S/2006/354), in which the Security Council informed your predecessor about the establishment of an ad hoc committee on mandate review to conduct the review of Security Council mandates called for by the Heads of State and Government in the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document (A/60/1) and to continue consideration of the recommendations contained in the report of the Secretary-General entitled "Mandating and delivering: analysis and recommendations …

31 Dec 2007 description



Recurrent drought following several poor rainy seasons has led to food insecurity and widespread malnutrition in the countries of the Horn of Africa region (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan). The public health and food security situation is poor. Poor nutrition, a rising number of people living with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) and increasing incidence of other infectious diseases all contribute to high levels of morbidity and mortality in the subregion.

31 Dec 2007 description



• UNMAS celebrated its 10th anniversary.

• The General Assembly reaffirmed UNMAS’ role as the focal point for mine action within the UN system.

• The UN Mine Action Team supported efforts by Member States to develop a legally binding instrument that addresses the impact of cluster munitions.

• The Secretary-General reported on progress and challenges in mine action in over 40 reports to the Security Council on a wide range of country situations and thematic issues.

31 Dec 2007 description

Earthquake Intensity Zones in Africa

This map shows earthquake intensity zones in accordance with the 1956 version of the Modified Mercalli Scale (MM), describing the effects of an earthquake on the surface of the earth and integrating numerous parameters such as ground acceleration, duration of an earthquake, and subsoil effects. It also includes historical earthquake reports.

28 Dec 2007 description
report European Union
  1. The European Union (EU), aware of its responsibilities under the Algiers Agreement and willing to facilitate the solution of the existing difficulties in the relations between the two Countries, reiterates its unwavering commitment to support efforts to promote sustainable peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    2. In this respect, the EU strongly urges both parties to refrain from any threat or use of force and to resolve their differences by peaceful means.


27 Dec 2007 description

On 26 December, 2007 at 3:30 hours, the Indian Battalion (Indbatt) Post and UN Military Observer Team Site located at Tsorena inside the Temporary Security Zone, Eritrea, heard firing sounds in the general direction of Gergera, southeast of Tsorena in the border area.

The Team Site and Indbatt post patrol could not go to the scene due to permanent restriction access to the area. UNMEE has been in contact with both parties - Eritrea and Ethiopia regarding the incident and both parties have recognised that the incident has occurred.

The Force is in the process of investigating the …

27 Dec 2007 description

NAIROBI, Dec 27 (Reuters) - The United Nations said on Thursday it was investigating an outbreak of gunfire on the volatile border between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

A statement from the U.N.

27 Dec 2007 description
report Oxford Analytica

SUBJECT: The political and economic outlook for the Horn of Africa in 2008.

SIGNIFICANCE: The region in 2008 will continue to be one of the world's most active sites for emergency relief operations, international peace-keeping, and diplomatic efforts to broker and maintain peace.

26 Dec 2007 description

Mendefera, 26 December 2007 - In line with the Government's vigorous efforts to boost agricultural output through introducing modern farming methods, 27 macro and micro-dams, as well as water reservoirs, have been constructed in the Southern region this year.

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture branch in the region, Mr.

26 Dec 2007 description

Adi-Tekelezan, 26 December 2007 - In line with endeavors to attain food security through conserving soil and water, a 40,000-cubic meter water reservoir is under construction in Adi-Tekelezan.

The 10-meter high and 30-meter wide water reservoir would play a major role in providing potable water to the local inhabitants and facilitating irrigation farming, in addition to enriching underground water resources.

Terraces and embankments have also been put in place alongside the water reservoir so as to protect it from excessive flooding.

22 Dec 2007 description

Areza, 22 December 2007 - A 2.6 million Nakfa potable water supply project and a youth recreation and training center have been constructed in the Areza sub-zone at a cost of 400,000 Nakfa.

The Administrator of the sub-zone, Mr. Mohammed Hamid, said that the inhabitants of Areza now have access to potable water supply thanks to the project.

Also speaking during the inauguration ceremony of the potable water supply project, the Administrator of the Southern region, Mr.

22 Dec 2007 description

Hamelmalo, 22 December 2007 - The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, stressed the significance of introducing modern farming methods in the on-going efforts to achieve food security.

He made the statement at a meeting on December 18 with students and staff members of the Hamelmalo College of Agriculture. Noting that the substantial investment being made to boost agricultural output through introducing modern farming techniques has reached a reliable stage, Mr.

21 Dec 2007 description

This appeal seeks CHF 6,060,912 (USD 5,421,209 or EUR 3,673,280) to fund programmes to be implemented in 2008 and 2009.

Current context

The eastern Africa region continues to experience major disasters, which claim many lives, destroy property and erode the already weak livelihoods of the affected communities. Among the disasters that have been experienced in the recent past within this region, the most common are floods, heavy rains and land slides as well as drought. Similarly, epidemics including RVF, cholera, meningitis, avian flu and malaria are frequent across the divide.

17 Dec 2007 description

Keren, 17 December 2007 - In line with the Government's efforts to promote social services in remote areas, the inhabitants of the Kerkebet sub-zone got access to potable water supply.

Reports indicated that the inhabitants of the locality used to encounter acute shortages of potable water supply due to the aridity of the area.

15 Dec 2007 description

In his drive to lay more emphasis on humanitarian action on the ground and to alleviate the suffering of the victims of the Somali conflict, the Secretary General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, has decided to send a two-man delegation to the Horn of Africa to assess the humanitarian situation within the Somali refugees camps.

14 Dec 2007 description

ADDIS ABABA, Dec 14 (Reuters) - The number of Eritrean refugees entering Ethiopia reached a record high of more than 600 in November, Ethiopia's government said on Friday.

Haile Selassie Gebre Mariam of the state-run Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs said the rate of arrivals had more than doubled from a monthly average of about 300 last year.

"Some 617 Eritrean refugees fled an ordeal in their country and crossed into Ethiopia in Nov.," he said in a statement. "Of the total who sought asylum ...

14 Dec 2007 description

On 14 December 2007, 368 persons were repatriated from Eritrea to Ethiopia under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

This number includes a former prisoner of war who recently requested to be repatriated. In the same operation, 10 civilians were repatriated from Ethiopia to Eritrea.

Acting in its capacity as a neutral and independent intermediary, the ICRC carried out the repatriation based on the consent of each individual, and with the cooperation of the authorities on both sides of the border.

13 Dec 2007 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-second General Assembly
72nd & 73rd Meetings (AM & PM)

Assembly President: 'Best Advocates for Children are the Children Themselves'; Kenyan Youth Says Meeting 'Our Final Chance to Urge You to Keep Your Promises'