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24 Sep 2013 description

By J. Stephen Morrison, Matt Fisher
Sep 23, 2013

20 Nov 2012 description

The rights and wrongs that have led to the current crisis between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza are scarcely irrelevant, but almost all of the different arguments on each side have only one outcome. They all help lead to a degree of strategic paralysis that ensures no stable solution is possible to the crisis, that future tensions will rise, that Palestinians will suffer more because they are weak, and that Israelis will not become more secure simply because they are strong.

01 Mar 2011 description

"Find their worst grievances and deal with them"

By Anthony H. Cordesman

Mar 1, 2011

National security is normally seen in terms of military strength and internal security operations against extremists and insurgents. The upheavals that began in Tunis have highlighted the fact that national security is measured in terms of the politics, economics, and social tensions that shape national stability as well.