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09 Jul 2015 description
map Maplecroft

In recent weeks, the Turkey to Greece sea passage has surpassed the North Africa to Italy route in volume of migrants and asylum seekers attempting to reach Europe. Increasing numbers of refugees are fleeing extreme human security situations in Syria (ranked 1st and most at risk out of the 198 countries assessed in Verisk Maplecroft’s Human Rights Risk Index 2015), Iraq (3rd) and Afghanistan (5th), placing further pressures on a weakening Greek economy and struggling infrastructure.

08 Oct 2014 description
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The violent response by Egyptian militants to the removal of former president Mohammed Morsi in July 2013 is highlighted in these maps. Data from Maplecroft’s Terrorism and Security Dashboard (MTSD) shows that Egypt witnessed 32 reported attacks and 29 fatalities during Morsi’s short time as president (24 June 2012 – 1 July 2013). In comparison, Egypt witnessed 270 attacks and 283 fatalities during the corresponding period of al-Sisi rule (24 June 2013 – 1 July 2014). Between 1 July 2013 and 1 September 2014, Egypt witnessed 309 attacks and 340 fatalities.

23 Jul 2014 description
report Maplecroft

Over the last 12 months, global fatalities from acts of terrorism have risen 30% compared to the previous five year average, according to a new security monitoring service from global risk analytics company Maplecroft, which also identifies China, Egypt, Kenya and Libya as seeing the most significant increases in the risk of terrorist attacks.

02 Jan 2013 description
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The deterioration in the security situation in Sinai since the fall of the Mubarak regime has led to a significant rise in militant activity and a substantial increase in the risk of terrorism. The Egyptian military’s focus on governing the country between the fall of the Mubarak regime and the election of President Morsi, and the concomitant disruption to the intelligence services reduced the state’s capacity to maintain security in Sinai.

14 Dec 2012 description
report Maplecroft

A rise in human rights violations from government crackdowns on public protest and political dissent is significantly increasing risks to business in ten of the world’s fastest growing economies, according to Maplecroft’s newly released Human Rights Risk Atlas 2013 (HRRA).

10 Oct 2012 description
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'Arab Awakening' countries at increased risk from 2013 food price shock

Despite strong economic growth, food security remains an issue of primary importance for Africa, according to a new study by risk analysis company Maplecroft, which classifies 75% of the continent’s countries at ‘high’ or ‘extreme risk.’

10 May 2012 description
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South American drought fuels fears of food price shocks, as soya bean harvests suffer

The viability of water supplies throughout key regions of China, India, Pakistan, South Africa and the US are under threat from unsustainable domestic, agricultural and industrial demands, according to a new study that maps water use down to 10km² worldwide.

08 Dec 2011 description
report Maplecroft

An annual Human Rights Risk Atlas, analysing the extent of human rights abuses in 197countries, has revealed that human rights and labour standards risks for companies and investors are increasing on a global scale, with 48% of the world now posing ‘extreme’ or ‘high’ risks of corporate complicity in rights violations.

26 Oct 2011 description
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Analysis of three years’ data shows continuing trend for conflict in MENA, Central Africa and the Indian subcontinent

The popular uprisings of the Arab Spring have propelled Egypt, Libya and Syria into the most severe risk category of an annual study evaluating the intensity of armed conflict across 197 nations, while economic giant India is also rated at ‘extreme risk.’

22 Mar 2011 description
report Maplecroft

Lack of stable supplies may lead to future oil price hikes and regional unrest

Extreme water security risks across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) may lead to further increases in global oil prices and heightened political tensions in the future, according to a new study, which rates the region as having the least secure water supplies in the world.

The Water Security Risk Index and map, developed by risk analysis and mapping firm Maplecroft, rates 18 countries at 'extreme risk' with 15 located in …