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10 Mar 2014 description

On Wednesday, 19 February 2014, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a report detailing effects of the Israeli closure on the human rights of the population of the Gaza Strip. The closure of Gaza poses serious challenges to the efforts to ensure respect and protection of human rights. The report describes the challenges to the basic human rights; including inter alia the right to health, education, adequate housing, and freedom of movement.

23 Jul 2007 description

One-month-and-a-half after Israel's closing of Rafah Crossing, the conditions of over 6,000 Palestinian civilians trapped in Egypt have worsened. Most of those had left Gaza for healthcare, education and work. Inside Gaza, hundreds have also been trapped; especially those in urgent need to access hospital services unavailable in Gaza, work and education.

A prolonged closure of Rafah Crossing, which is the only outlet for Gazans to the outside world, is not a novelty. Israel had frequently closed it and caused civilians to live similar conditions of misery.

04 Feb 2007 description

The number of Palestinian victims of the last wave of infighting has reached 160. 30 have been killed and 130 injured since Thursday 1 February 2007. All efforts to end the armed clashes have so far been unsuccessful; however both sides have announced a ceasefire under Egyptian mediation.

According to the field information collected by Al Mezan, fighting resumed after members of Hamas and the Executive Force of the Ministry of Interior attacked a convoy of trucks lifting caravans and equipment for the Presidential Guards in the Middle Gaza area.