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20 Aug 2013 description

On Aug. 19, 2003, a cement mixer filled with explosives slammed into the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 17 people, including the top UN envoy to the country, Sergio Vieira de Mello. The tragedy underscored the persistent danger of humanitarian aid work in conflict zones, and prompted the UN to begin annually marking Aug. 19 as “World Humanitarian Day.”

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29 Mar 2012 description

Islamists are talking with secularists today after they resigned in protest. To be enduring, critics say, Egypt's constitution must be a document based on consensus.

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07 Jan 2012 description

Making life hard for NGOs, particularly foreign ones, has long been a sport in Egypt.

By Dan Murphy, Staff writer / January 6, 2012

In late December, Egyptian authorities raided the offices of 10 NGOs, charging that they were illegally receiving foreign funding. Among them were two of the United States' biggest democracy promotion groups.

28 Nov 2011 description

Today's parliamentary elections in Egypt saw a high turnout. Some voters confessed they didn't really know the candidates, but were excited to participate nonetheless.

Defying skeptics and a week of revolutionary tumult, Egyptian voters came out in such high numbers today that polling station hours have been extended to 9 p.m. local time.

09 Mar 2011 description

After a Christian protest in Cairo turned violent Tuesday, many Christians worry they will be even more marginalized in revolutionary Egypt.By Kristen Chick, Correspondent / March 9, 2011


Deadly fighting Tuesday between Christians and Muslims in Cairo killed at least 13 people and wounded 140, deepening sectarian tensions and raising many concerns among Christians about their place in the new Egypt.

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15 Feb 2011 description

Soaring food prices - such as wheat, which has hit a 2-1/2-year high - could feed political tumult in Africa, despite earlier proclamations that an Egypt-style revolt would not spread to sub-Saharan Africa.

Egypt's revolution was triggered by many sparks, one of which was bread; or rather wheat, a staple whose soaring price and insufficient supply could become the dry wood for political tumult across the African continent this year.

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10 Feb 2011 description

Weather, inflation, and biofuels pushed the United Nations food price index to an all-time high in December, sparking concern over the poor being left with empty plates.

By Ben Arnoldy, Staff writer / February 10, 2011

New Delhi

Amid the stalls of neatly stacked vegetables at this city's Sarojini Market, Manju shops with her young granddaughter. Her bags have become lighter in recent months, as she's cutting back on the basics.

25 Jan 2008 description

Israeli officials see opportunity to turn Gaza over to Egypt to provide services.

By Ilene R. Prusher, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Jerusalem - When Palestinians toppled a metal wall separating the Gaza Strip from Egypt Wednesday, many expected Israeli officials to howl over Egypt allowing Hamas "terrorists" to rearm. After all, a cornerstone of the current peace process was supposed to be isolating Gaza.

But the Israeli response has been surprisingly muted.

29 Aug 2007 description

In Cairo, once thought to be fairly safe, many consider fleeing again - to Israel.

By Dan Murphy | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Cairo - Abian Majok Dong has fled twice in his life - once in 1983 from his village in southern Sudan, when the government began a forced "Islamization" campaign for the region's mostly Christian and animist inhabitants, and again in 2001, when government charges of treason - a crime punishable by death - propelled him to Cairo.

Now Mr.

21 Jun 2007 description

Israel relaxed travel restrictions Wednesday, allowing a few seriously ill Palestinians and all foreign nationals to leave Gaza.

By Joshua Mitnick - Correspondent and Jill Carroll - Staff Writer

AshkeLon, Israel; and Rafah, Egypt - After five days caught between Hamas and Israel on Gaza's northern border, Nader's ordeal was over.

With a bandage and brace supporting his arm wounded in a shootout Monday evening, the son of a Fatah intelligence officer sat in the orthopedic ward at Ashkelon's Barzilay hospital talking to friends and family on a mobile phone.

As …

15 Jun 2007 description

Thousands have already left the coastal strip because of its social and economic degradation.

By Ilene R.

03 Jan 2005 description

Cairo's deadly clashes highlight growing tensions between refugees and host governments.