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11 Dec 2018 description

UN and partners launch plan to support Syrian refugees and countries hosting them as number of Syrian refugee new-borns reaches one million mark


United Nations Agencies and NGO partners today released the 2019-2020 Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP), a USD 5.5 billion plan designed to support national efforts in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq deal with the continued impact of the Syria crisis.

10 Sep 2018 description

Through inclusive climate resilient development, the Arab States work toward the Sustainable Development Goals

The majority of the Arab States possess all the requisite elements to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. There’s a young, educated workforce, plenty of natural resources, a notable increase in investments in renewable energy, and a much-needed uptick in efforts to support equality. Climate change, conflict and other related factors threaten to derail this progress, and ruin any chances of a Pax Arabica.

26 Jul 2018 description
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Executive summary

Climate risks threaten to derail development gains, cause spike in eco-migrants and undermine efforts to end poverty and hunger in the Arab Region

New UN Development Programme report highlights the challenges and opportunities of building climate resilience as the region works toward peaceful low-carbon climate-resilient development

11 Jul 2018 description

I. Introduction: The energy challenge in crisis contexts

Sustainable energy is a critical element for achieving goals of immediate recovery and longer-term resilience in fragile and crisis contexts. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Arab region, where countries have experienced an expansion of conflict, drought and an unprecedented level of displacement. The ability of communities to cope with and rapidly recover from crisis hinges in many ways on their ability to regain sustainable access to energy.

07 Jul 2018 description

As the recent upsurge in violence highlights, the conflict in Syria continues to spell a massive political, humanitarian and development crisis across an entire region, with no end in sight.
Syria continues to experience destruction to almost every aspect of life and livelihoods, including massive devastation of homes, businesses, basic services and infrastructure.
Sixty-nine percent of Syrians inside the country live in extreme poverty and 13.1 million people there require humanitarian assistance.

04 May 2018 description

Achim Steiner

As prepared for delivery.


Commissioner Hahn

As we discussed in this morning’s parallel session on the region, the Syria crisis continues to have a devastating effect on civilians inside the country, beyond its borders and across generations.

24 Apr 2018 description
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(Brussels, 24 April 2018) – As the ‘Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region’ opens, UN Chiefs are calling urgently for increased support for vulnerable Syrians, refugees and the communities hosting them.

With the appalling conflict in Syria now into its eighth year, 13.1 million people need humanitarian assistance and protection inside the country. A further 5.6 million are refugees in neighbouring countries, while 3.9 million vulnerable members of host communities also need resilience support.

02 Mar 2018 description

Achim Steiner
UNDP Administrator

As prepared for delivery.

I would like to acknowledge the Member States in attendance, the Emergency Relief Coordinator, the High Commissioner for Refugees, and all colleagues participating in Geneva this afternoon on this critical issue concerning the Syrian people and the UN-coordinated crisis response.

23 Feb 2018 description

(Geneva, 23 February 2018) - The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, the UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock today briefed UN Member States in Geneva about the ongoing crisis in Syria and the need for sustained support to Syrian refugees and the countries in the region who generously host them.

09 Feb 2018 description

All too often, young people in the Arab states are portrayed as universally, perpetually in despair. While indeed many Arab countries are in a state of turmoil, the truth is that young people across the region are finding ways to keep their societies moving forward.

11 Jan 2018 description

Compendium on Good and Innovative Practices in the Regional Response to the Syria and Iraq Crisis: Volume II launched by UNHCR-UNDP Joint Secretariat

Jan 11, 2018 | News, Press Release

12 Dec 2017 description
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December 12, 2017

AMMAN / GENEVA - United Nations Agencies and NGO partners today released the 2018 Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP), a USD 4.4 billion plan designed to support over five million refugees from Syria and the vulnerable communities hosting them in neighbouring countries.

02 Oct 2017 description

September 2017, Cairo - The Green Climate Fund (GCF) in its 18th Board Meeting in Cairo last week approved a United Nations Development Programme-supported (UNDP) project entitled “Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in the North Coast of Egypt.” The …

02 Oct 2017 description

Peace and stability are key to achieving the Global Goals in the Arab States, EU-UNDP report says

First report on the partnership between the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Arab States was released today in Brussels.

Entitled “ Empowering people and building peaceful societies”, the report showcases results of the many initiatives carried out by the EU and UNDP, impacting the lives of millions of people across the region.

01 May 2017 description

Affected countries require funds to build more resilient and climate-smart economies

By: Dan Shepard
From Africa Renewal: May - July 2017

Researchers are still trying to learn why the population of African penguins has dropped precipitously over the last 15 years—some estimates say by 90%—but most agree that climate change is a major factor in the decline of this iconic African species.

06 Apr 2017 description

The magnitude of the Syria crisis is well known to all present. More than six years from its onset, the numbers of internally displaced persons and refugees amount to about half of Syria’s population, and neighbouring countries continue to be under very considerable pressure.

It is now well recognized that investments in humanitarian relief and in resilience must go hand in hand – both within Syria and in the neighborhood.

05 Apr 2017 description
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Executive Summary

New study provides pragmatic suggestions to help in creating decent employment and expand economic opportunities for Syrian refugees and communities hosting them

Apr 5, 2017

05 Apr 2017 description

With the Syria crisis now in its seventh year, the search for durable solutions for refugees, internally displaced people, and host communities is critically important. Employment creation is central to those solutions. That was affirmed at the London Conference on Syria, and reiterated at the Expanding Jobs and Economic Opportunities Expert Meeting on responses to the Syria crisis co-hosted by Germany and UNDP in Bonn recently.

The London Conference set the formidable target of creating 1.1 million jobs in countries neighbouring Syria which are impacted by the crisis.