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12 Jan 2018 description

Elections held in Africa in 2017 show that international election observers need to up their game if they are to remain relevant in improving the quality of elections and building public confidence in electoral processes.

31 Jul 2017 description

The international debate packages the problem neatly, but offers few solutions for Africa.


Combating human trafficking has become one of the biggest global challenges, attracting high-level pledges of support from world leaders, especially in the West.

18 May 2016 description

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On the Agenda
Last month, the Peace and Security Council discussed the role of de-radicalisation efforts in the fight against terrorism in Africa.

The council also tabled the issue of post-conflict reconstruction and development during an open session in Addis Ababa.

Situation Analysis
Egypt is increasingly looking south. Its decision to hand over two Red Sea islands is indicative of this new direction.

07 Dec 2015 description

Violent conflicts, terrorism, long-standing repressive regimes, chronic poverty and inequality have driven an unprecedented number of refugees and migrants to Europe. Those making the journey are assisted by an increasingly violent and opportunistic smuggling industry. Sustainable profits made by this industry have allowed transnational networks to develop where they previously did not exist, with serious implications for human security and state stability.

15 Jun 2015 description

The newest state in the Horn of Africa has become an arena where powerful neighbours manoeuvre for regional influence. The deteriorating security situation in oil-rich South Sudan took neighbouring states by surprise, but they have risen to the opportunities the situation offers. Uganda and South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Kenya and Egypt support different proxies and their competition could plunge the region into chaos.

04 Sep 2012 description

Festus Aboagye, Senior Research Fellow, Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

The United Nations Security Council and the international community should not place too much hope in the impossible mission Lakhdar Brahimi has assumed, taking over from Kofi Annan as the new joint Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and the Arab League in Syria.

One can only wish him well, especially considering the history of both this position and the uprising in Syria.

04 Jun 2012 description


Early warning issues for June 2012

Country analysis: Egypt

Country Analysis: Guinea-Bissau

PSC retrospective: AU PSC and the EU Peace and Security Committee meeting

Regional Security Analysis: Terrorism in Africa

PSC retrospective: Constitutional conference in Somalia

Important dates to diarise

Early warning issues for June 2012

04 May 2011 description

Africa still faces numerous security issues that continue to challenge its political viability, stability, prosperity and sustainable peace. This monograph attempts to uncover the complexity of the most salient security issues facing the Horn of Africa. It provides in-depth analysis on intra-state conflicts and insurgencies and their consequences on and beyond the region. It also investigates the root causes of several inter-state conflicts in the Horn of Africa as well as the possibilities of their effective management.