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02 Feb 2016 description

Victoria Metcalfe, Marcus Manuel and Alastair McKechnie

As the conflict in Syria continues, its political, security, economic and social spill-over effects have intensified across the Middle East and beyond. The flow of refugees from Syria to its neighbours – Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey – has increased rapidly, with 4.28 million people registered in these five countries.

07 Dec 2015 description

This report sets out the risks to food security in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) from climate change, and how these vulnerabilities interact with other key trends and sources of risk, including population growth, urbanisation, and conflict.

24 Sep 2014 description

Four years into the Syrian crisis, over half a million Syrian refugee children are out of school – and the numbers are rising. The education crisis is fuelling an epidemic of child labour and early marriage. Lost educational opportunity risks driving young people into radicalised groups, including ISIS. That risk is most severe in Lebanon, where just one in five school-age Syrian refugee children is in formal education – an enrolment rate below that of sub-Saharan Africa.

13 Jun 2011 description

The past two decades have delivered unprecedented progress and improvements in quality of life across the developing world. Poverty has fallen in most developing countries, and the number of low-income countries fell from 60 in 2003 to just 39 in 2009. Countries such as India and (particularly) China have managed to lift very large numbers of people out of extreme poverty. Progress has not been restricted to increases in income; many developing countries have also dramatically improved their access to vital services, such as education and health.

17 May 2011 description

Thursday, May 12, 2011 10:48 AM by Leni Wild

Recent events in the Arab world have had observers scrambling to identify the catalysts of social change. The role of social media has been placed at the heart of subsequent analysis but as an ODI/One World Media event on Monday evening highlighted, we should take care not to see it as the golden ticket to political or developmental progress.