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10 Sep 2012 description
report ACMAD


Many cities in sub-Saharan Africa experienced flash and/or Riverine floods in August 2012. Favorable conditions for moderate to heavy precipitation associated to a very active monsoon included an active phase of the MJO, an ENSO in its transition phase toward El Nino and an above normal temperature pattern over the Mediterranean region interacting with the African summer monsoon.
This report describes these patterns, related flooding events and impacts.

30 Jun 2011 description

The conflict that began in Libya on 17 February 2011 with a popular revolt against Gaddafi’s regime has triggered a mass exodus of the civilian population into neighbouring countries. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled, mainly into Tunisia and Egypt, as a result of attacks by Gaddafi’s forces on civilian populations, the rebellion and NATO bombings. Migrant workers and refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa have been particular targets of violence.

30 Jun 2011 description

Le conflit déclenché en Libye, le 17 février 2011, par la révolte populaire contre le régime du Colonel Khadafi, a provoqué un exode massif dans les pays limitrophes. Les violences perpétrées par les forces de Khadafi contre les populations civiles, la guerre entreprise par les rebelles pour renverser le régime, ainsi que les bombardements de l’OTAN, ont contraint des centaines de milliers de personnes à fuir le pays. A cela s’ajoute des exactions spécifiques perpétrées à l’encontre des immigrés originaires d’Afrique sub-saharienne et qui les ont poussé à s’enfuir.

01 Jun 2011 description

Khartoum, June 1 (SUNA) - The Refugees Commissioner, Engineer. Abdulla Suleiman said the Commission is currently implementing a plan to return the Sudanese refugees from Chad and Egypt.

26 Apr 2011 description

The IOM-chartered ship - the Red Star One- sailed out of the Eastern Libyan city of Benghazi yesterday evening and is due to arrive later his morning in the war-torn city of Misrata to evacuate up to a thousand stranded migrants and wounded civilians.

Prior to departure, the ship was loaded with 160 tons of food and medical supplies, including two new ambulances to help in the transportation of casualties to Misrata's Ras Touba hospital and from the hospital to the port area for medical evacuation.

22 Apr 2011 description


  • On April 18, eight U.N. World Food Program (WFP) trucks carrying a total of 240 metric tons (MT) of wheat flour and more than 9 MT of high-energy biscuits—sufficient to feed nearly 50,000 people for 30 days—entered western Libya for the first time since the conflict began. Food will be distributed by the Libyan Red Crescent to affected populations in Tripoli, Zintan, Yefran, Nalut, Mezda, Al-Reiba, and Zawiyah.

20 Apr 2011 description

A third IOM-chartered boat bringing more humanitarian aid into the besieged city of Misrata is due to arrive in the port later today with the aim of rescuing more stranded migrants.

The boat, the Ionian Spirit, left Benghazi on Tuesday night carrying 500 tons of food, medical supplies, hygiene kits and non-food items donated mainly by the Libyan private sector with some aid provided by Qatar and the U.A.E. Red Crescent.

19 Apr 2011 description

As migrants rescued on an IOM-chartered boat from the besieged Libyan city of Misrata are today taken by road from Benghazi to Salum, efforts are underway to begin a third mission to evacuate some of the many thousands of migrants still stranded in the city.

New funding from the British government's Department for International Development (DFID) of £1.5 million (US$2.4 m) in addition to additional pledges will allow IOM to continue its efforts to rescue the remaining 5,000 migrants still in Misrata.

A third mission may leave for Misrata later today.

15 Apr 2011 description

Note: The last fact sheet was dated April 11, 2011.


  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) airstrikes reportedly struck a military installation in Tripoli today, according to international news sources. In Misratah, news reports indicate that pro-Qadhafi forces launched attacks on a residential area near the opposition-controlled port this morning. Pro-Qadhafi forces have also intensified attacks on the western city of Zintan in recent days, resulting in an increased number of individuals fleeing into Tunisia.

09 Apr 2011 description

Total Figures

Statistics from national authorities reveal that 414,454 people have left Libya to Egypt, Tunisia, Niger, Chad and Sudan since the beginning of the crisis. Copyright © IOM. All rights reserved.

05 Apr 2011 description

RAS ADJIR, Tunisia, April 5 (UNHCR) – One camp, many complexities. That's what the UN refugee agency's Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie encountered on Tuesday when she visited a camp near the Tunisian-Libyan border.

Jolie was on a two-day visit to Tunisia to highlight the plight of nearly 440,000 people who had fled Libya into surrounding countries since early March. More than half of them are in Tunisia, most of them migrants who had been working in Libya, but also some 2,500 people from war-torn countries.

04 Apr 2011 description

Libia - Alors que la crise libyenne ne montre aucun signe d'essoufflement et compte tenu des milliers de migrants qui fuient le pays quotidiennement et qui nécessitent une aide au retour chez eux, l'OIM lance, aujourd'hui, un appel urgent de 160 millions de dollars afin de lui permettre de continuer à fournir de l'aide humanitaire essentielle et une aide à l'évacuation.

Près de 410 000 personnes ont déjà fui la violence en Libye depuis le début de la crise fin février, et la majorité d'entre eux ont besoin d'aide à leur évacuation.

28 Mar 2011 description

N'Djaména, le 28 mars 2010 -

Depuis le 8 mars dernier, 2.593 Tchadiens ayant fui la crise en Libye, ont été rapatriés par l'Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (OIM), le Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés (UNHCR) et le Gouvernement tchadien par 20 vols charter ou commerciaux en provenance des frontières égyptiennes et tunisiennes.

L'OIM est présente à l'aéroport Hassan Djamous de N'Djaména, afin d'accueillir, d'assister au débarquement, d'enregistrer et de transporter les rapatriés vers le Centre Social de la …

25 Mar 2011 description

IOM has resumed the evacuation of stranded migrants from the port of Benghazi to the border crossing at Salum, in Egypt, after a brief suspension caused by the deteriorating security conditions.

Yesterday, 24 March, IOM evacuated 146 Chadian and 4 Bangladeshis in a convoy of buses which reached Salum in the evening.

25 Feb 2011 description

In Libya, the repression escalates following the revolt movements of the population.

Considering the recent events and the thousands of refugees fleeing Libya, a TSF team left the international headquarters on 23 February to Tunisia and reached the Libyan border today to support the refugees.

Tunisians flee the country in hundreds, followed by several refugees from Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea, Somalia, Chad and the Palestinian territories, and by the first Libyan civilians. Much of the foreign nationals have already left the country.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) …

25 Feb 2011 description

En Libye, la répression s'intensifie suite aux mouvements de révolte de la population.

Compte tenu des récents évènements et des milliers de réfugiés fuyant la Libye, une équipe de TSF a quitté le siège international mercredi 23 février pour la Tunisie et a rejoint aujourd'hui la frontière libyenne pour porter assistance aux réfugiés.

Les Tunisiens fuient le pays par centaines, suivis par de nombreux émigrés victimes de violences originaires d'Egypte, du Soudan, d'Iraq, d'Erythrée, de Somalie, du Tchad et de Palestine, et par les premiers civils libyens.

15 Feb 2011 description

Soaring food prices - such as wheat, which has hit a 2-1/2-year high - could feed political tumult in Africa, despite earlier proclamations that an Egypt-style revolt would not spread to sub-Saharan Africa.

Egypt's revolution was triggered by many sparks, one of which was bread; or rather wheat, a staple whose soaring price and insufficient supply could become the dry wood for political tumult across the African continent this year.

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