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24 May 2018 description
report Voice of America

May 24, 2018 12:13 PM
Rael Ombuor

NAIROBI — Heavy rains have left hundreds of people dead and hundreds of thousands more displaced across various parts of East Africa. Kenya, Somalia and Rwanda are the worst hit. The flooding comes as the region tries to recover from a severe drought in 2017 that threatened millions of people.

24 May 2018 description


• Response to floods caused by Cyclone Sagar is underway, under Government leadership.

• Although floodwaters are subsiding, they continue to affect several areas of Djibouti City.

• An additional storm system is forming in the Gulf of Aden, but will not affect Djibouti.

Situation Overview

23 May 2018 description

This map illustrates satellite-detected flood water extent within the city of Djibouti, Djibouti District, Djibouti Region, Djibouti.

23 May 2018 description
report Government of Japan
  1. Today, May 23, upon the request of the Government of the Republic of Djibouti, the Government of Japan has decided to provide emergency relief goods (tents, blankets, etc.) through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to Djibouti in response to the damages caused by the recent flooding.

  2. Upon the request of the Government of the Republic of Djibouti, and in light of the humanitarian perspective and the cordial relations between Japan and Djibouti, Japan has decided to provide emergency assistance to Djibouti to meet its humanitarian needs.

23 May 2018 description

A tropical cyclone developed on 16 May in the Gulf of Aden, between Yemen and Somalia, known as Cyclone Sagar. It hit Djibouti on 19 May causing heavy rains and flash floods (OCHA 22/05/2018;

22 May 2018 description


• The estimated number of people affected by flooding following Cyclone Sagar has increased to 25,000 to 50,000 and two fatalities have been reported.

• Flood waters are now subsiding but several areas remain inundated.

• Response is underway, under the leadership of the Government.

Situation Overview

22 May 2018 description

UNITAR – UNOSAT, following the request of UNOCHA Djibouti , has performed a rapid flood assessment to illustrate the impact caused after the passage of Tropical Cyclone Sagar-18 over Djibouti & Balbala. For this rapid flood analysis UNOSAT has used post-event cloud free images of the area, collected on the 20th & 21st May 2018, 3 meters resolution.

21 May 2018 description

20,000 people were affected by flooding in Djibouti, more than 10,000 people were displaced in Somaliland, and homes and fishing boats were destroyed in Puntland.

"This cyclone left a trail of destruction when it hit Puntland and Somaliland. The storm then continued to Djibouti, where it caused major flooding, not least in Djibouti city. This is the biggest storm to hit the region in years," said Nigel Tricks, Regional Director for the Norwegian Refugee Council.

20 May 2018 description


• Cyclone Sagar has caused heavy rain and flash floods in Djibouti.

• Initial estimates indicate that 20,000 to 30,000 people may have been affected, with Djibouti City and the suburb of Balbala hardest hit.


Heavy rains due to Cyclone Sagar have caused flash floods in Djibouti, particularly in Djibouti City and the suburb of Balbala.

18 May 2018 description

A rare tropical cyclone formed in the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and northern Somalia late on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. The cyclone, Sagar (TC01A), threatens to bring rains and dangerous flash flooding to desert areas of southern Yemen, northern Somalia and Djibouti.

On Thursday, the centre of the cyclone was about 400 km east of Aden, Yemen. Showers and thunderstorms were reported in the coast of southern Yemen west and east of Aden and on the coast of northern Somalia near Berbera.

17 May 2018 description

Despite a decrease in rainfall, flooding continues in East Africa.

  1. Due to poor rainfall since November western Namibia is in a severe drought. Conditions may worsen as limited rain is forecast next week.

  2. In southwestern Madagascar, an uneven and inadequate rainfall distribution since the start of the rainfall season has resulted in severe drought. Drought conditions are likely to persist.

16 May 2018 description

Issued on Wednesday, 16th May 2018 at 0130 local time.


A Tropical Cyclone is expected to develop at the eastern end of the Gulf of Aden in the next 24 hours (See Figure 1). This is forecast to track westwards along the Gulf and bring exceptionally high rainfall totals to a usually very arid region.

09 May 2018 description

General overview

• 104 rotations with 2,358 passengers transported between Djibouti and Aden on behalf of 40 service users (14 UN agencies, 22 INGOs, 4 NNGOs), for an average use rate of 48% (maximum capacity 25 passengers per leg/50 per voyage).

• Thanks to the contributions received by DFID, Canada, ECHO, Germany and CERF, WFP and the Logistics Cluster will be able to extend the service until the end of July 2018.

09 May 2018 description
report The Guardian

Tom Gardner and Charlie Rosser in Djibouti
Wed 9 May 2018 02.00 EDT

Persecution and hardship drives almost 100,000 migrants to cross the Red Sea each year, risking the treacherous journey in a bid to reach the Gulf