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12 Dec 2012 description

The Enough Project and a coalition of international NGOs call on President Obama to lead the response on the crisis in eastern Congo and to appoint a special Presidential Envoy to support peace efforts in the region.

Dear Mr. President:

05 Feb 1997 description

A lot of attention in Washington these days is focussed on Zaire and the present crisis in the Great Lakes Region. There as been a proliferation of meetings but unfortunately the meetings, instead of bringing clarity to the situation, have highlighted its complexity.

02 Jan 1997 description

The personnel of the Catholic Institutes working in the region of ISIRO is well and ready to be evacuated. In Kinshasa the embassies of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and Canada are working for their rescue. The main stumbling-block is the presence at Isiro's airport of a large number of disbanded Zairese soldiers who are awaiting for their chance to abandon the town. Any aircraft landing at Isire would certainly be commandeered by them. The unsafe roads and the slow means of communications add further complications.

30 Dec 1996 description

The Zairan army posted in the eastern regions of the country is in retreat, pressed by the armies of Uganda and of the Banyamulenge. The disbanded troops are on the rampage and commandeer vehicles, petrol and food upplies to help their flight. So far no human casualties have been reported. But women are in continuous risk of being raped.