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12 Sep 2013 description
report Humedica

The history of the Democratic Republic of Congo seems to be recurring: violence and fear again and again. People fleeing again and again. During the past years already, humedica has been providing precious medical help for those people who fled into neighboring Uganda.

Now, the helpers are on-site again, in order to help the refugees in a transitional camp in the west of the country. humedica coordinator Alexandra Vlantos is reporting:

04 Feb 2002 description
report Humedica

Kaufbeuren / Goma - In Congolese Goma, 70% of which was destroyed by the eruption of a volcano, people are slowly beginning to rebuild the town. Robert Rinke from humedica and Dr Martin M=FCller (Neukirchen near Siegen) have organised aid locally. After just a few days medical centres could be re-opened with the help of the local charity DOCS. With the support of the Christoffel Blindenmission (Christoffel Mission for the Blind) DOCS ran a hospital in Goma which, however, was completely destroyed by the lava flow.

19 Jan 2002 description
report Humedica

About one third of the town is in flames. Above all, the slums on the edge of town which lie between Goma and the volcano have been hit by the disaster. Most refugees are trying to cross the border into Rwanda.